Reaching For The Inner…I’m Not Sure

Reaching For The Inner…I’m Not Sure by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

This was in my twitter feed a moment ago and thought you might find it as interesting as myself. I’m not exactly sure what the woman on the left, in the blue top, is reaching for, asking for or what exactly is going on. I someone knows please enlighten me as it appears to be some type of calling.

How someone could put something like this out in the world is beyond me. It is sickening, just the same as the liberal democratic socialist Alexandria Cortez did, for people to say women shouldn’t have children or if you do kill it and kill it now. How dark does a persons heart have to become to believe this; how dark does a person’s soul need to become to speak something like this – to the world. Of course these are self-loathing women who probably blame all the worlds ills on that “evil Trump” and “white nationalist”. I don’t claim to know anything about these poor souls, but I have encountered hundreds that are seemingly cut from the same cloth.

We need to pray for them and pray that God will show them the way home. The enemy has a grip on these women in such a way that is difficult to watch. I could only take about 30 seconds of this video and had to shut it off – I didn’t want any more of what they’re selling to invade my space. Watch as little or as much as you can care to and please keep in mind, this is why I stopped watching, it is impossible to un-see what has been seen, it is impossible to un-hear what has been heard.

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