Labour Votes to Open Borders, Give All Migrants Voting Rights, NHS Access

Labour Votes to Open Borders, Give All Migrants Voting Rights, NHS Access by Victoria Friedman for Breitbart

Labour under hard-left socialist Jeremy Corbyn has backed Britain effectively being turned into an open borders state, with the party planning to offer votes, free healthcare, and benefits to an uncontrolled number of migrants.

On Wednesday, Labour’s conference voted to effectively scrap all current and proposed immigration controls and end deportations if it comes to power in the next General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn will promise in his election manifesto that if he becomes the next prime minister, he will not only retain freedom of movement with the EU post-Brexit — if the United Kingdom leaves the EU before the next election — but “maintain and extend free movement rights” by opening Britain’s borders to the rest of the world.

Ripping up “the current Tory immigration legislation and any curbing of [migrants’] rights”, the party vows to “campaign for free movement, equality, and rights of migrants”.

Britain’s few (nine, in total) detention centres, which hold illegal aliens, bogus asylum seekers, and foreign criminals before expulsion, will be closed. A formalisation of chain migration will be introduced with Labour ensuring the “unconditional right to family reunion”.

In effect, there will be no immigration “system”, as Corbyn’s party has said it will “reject” any immigration policy “based on incomes, migrants’ utility to business, and number caps/targets”.

Further, in ominous and vague wording, the motion passed also said Labour would “actively challenge anti-immigrant narratives” — which could be interpreted to mean expanding the definition of hate speech to include criticism of mass migration, cracking down on academic, press, and online freedoms.

The democratic direction of the country would also be completely and permanently altered, with the party backing extending the voting franchise for national elections to foreigners living in the United Kingdom, which the far-left party referred to as “extending equal rights to vote”.

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