Oh Captain, My Captain, the Warship “Boogle of Weasels” Has Hoisted the False Flag

Oh Captain, My Captain, the Warship “Boogle of Weasels” Has Hoisted the False Flag by Bob Moriarty for 321Gold

Since the “attack” on the Saudi oil facilities some important details have been filled in, much like a paint-by-number oil. Certainly we have sufficient information to make reasonable guesses as to what really took place just over a week ago on the 14th of September.

  1. We are told an attack by drones/cruise missiles took out half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production.
  2. The fires from the attack were put out within a few hours.
  3. Not a single person died in the attack.
  4. According to Saudi Arabia, full production will be back within two weeks.
  5. Half the production lost was recovered in a few hours.
  6. There was zero follow through from whoever made the attack.
  7. Saudi Arabia would benefit from higher oil prices.
  8. Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US are all in a state of war with Iran and have been for years.
  9. Benjamin Netanyahu faced a bitterly fought election on September 17th. If he loses there is an excellent chance he will go to jail. An attack blamed on Iran would be to his benefit.
  10. Trump has surrounded himself with warmongers baying for the blood of Iranians.
  11. Iran has an Air Force, an Army and a population of 81.16 million. No conventional warfare could even dent their military capabilities. If war comes, by necessity, it would go nuclear.
  12. Israel is nuclear armed and has in the past threatened to use them ala Sampson Alternative.
  13. The US is nuclear armed and remains the only country to have used atomic weapons in war.
  14. Iran has no nuclear weapons program according to 17 US intelligence agencies and was in full compliance with the IAEA.

Most wars begin through the use of false flag operations by the belligerents. World War I was an exception. It was more a comedy of errors between a number of different countries reacting to what they believed their enemies were doing. A series of interlocking mutual defense treaties dragged in countries based on perceived threats on mutual support. Stupidity largely on behalf of the Russians and French governments contributed to igniting a conflict resulting in the deaths of around 37 million people.

But by 1917 the parties had settled into pretty much a stalemate with politicians too stupid and cowardly to admit failure. The UK wanted to drag America into the war, however, most Americans were wisely against involvement in what was seen as a European conflict. Wall Street bankers lobbied President Wilson to enter the war in order to guarantee their massive profits.

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