Matt Geiger | Gold Equities Now Comprise Half of Our Natural Resource Fund (Video)

Matt Geiger | Gold Equities Now Comprise Half of Our Natural Resource Fund Video by Mining Stock Education

Natural Resource fund manager Matt Geiger describes how he is positioning his fund’s portfolio right now. Matt shares how he launched his natural resource fund as well as his fund’s investment rationale. He offers advice for newer resource investors and offers quality mining-related biographies as suggested reading.

0:05 Introduction
1:44 How MJG Capital creates value for its limited partners
3:09 Why someone from Silicon Valley started a mining fund
6:01 How a young fund manager raised initial capital
7:00 Successful fund managers as inspirations and mentors
8:31 Half our fund is gold stocks now
10:26 Gold bull market without an industrial metals bull market?
12:16 Energy metals investing
15:47 Quarter of our portfolio is prospect generators
20:51 Advice for new resource investors
24:02 Junior miner management compensation
27:35 Good mining biographies to read

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