WHAT DEEP STATE ??? by Olde Reb for The Daily Coin

It must be recognized the ultimate objective of the FBI’s surveillance [as detailed in the Zerohedge posted writing of FreedomWatch] was to steer government bureaucrats to advance a political agenda acceptable to the FBI. The reference to voting in Florida being corrupted to achieve victory for Obama makes this indisputable. Jerome Corsi contends similar actions have been taken against Trump in [Video] KILLING THE DEEP STATE; THE FIGHT TO SAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP . (Purchase a copy of the book)

The CIA has been involved in the alteration of foreign governments for decades. Dulles made his first pitch—even before he was Director of the CIA— for Wall Street’s financial backing to restore the Shah to the Peacock throne so U.S. oil interests could seize ownership interest in the nationalized British Petroleum wells. William Blum in KILLING HOPE; CIA AND U.S. MILITARY INTERVENTIONS compiles a lengthy list of similar subsequent foreign nefarious acts.

John Perkins in CONFESSIONS OF HIT MAN identifies Wall Street – behind cutouts – as using the IMF and WB to subjugate nations by coercive debt with reliance upon the CIA and U.S. military to enforce their oppression and ultimate chaos. Michael Hudson laments the chaos imposed on foreign nations but attempts to blame the U.S. government. Ref. https://thedailycoin.org/2019/07/25/war-mongering-brought-to-you-by-wall-street/. Hudson details the horrendous affects of the IMF and WB actions on his website but brags of his financial enhancements that include being sent to Washington to educate them. It seems the results of his education are in sharp contrast to what Corsi, Shipp, Ed Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Dennis Montgomery have received.

Douglas Valentine has written in CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME that the CIA methods of control of foreign nations are being infiltrated into the United States. Ex-CIA agent Kevin Shipp concurs with the claim. His video – Shadow Government/Deep State Officials Exposed  [Kevin Shipp- https://www.fortheloveoffreedom.net/]— concludes major agencies of the U.S. are pursuing goals that are not determined by the government.

Wall Street was complicit in creating the HMS Lusitania tragedy to hype the U.S. citizenry into accepting WW I. John Stinnett evidences Wall Street and FDR conspired for 17 months to prod Japan to attack Pearl Harbor in DAY OF DECEIT. Wall Street’s objective in getting their crony, Allen Dulles, to create the CIA was to hide their nefarious acts behind “National Security.”

How much more evidence do we need to identify Wall Street as the nexus of a force that has an objective of controlling the U.S. government ? Greg Palast claims a Wall Street internal memo identifies collection on the U.S. $22T national debt is the “ultimate goal.”

Funding for the above Wall Street global scheme is alleged to include embezzlement utilizing the Federal Reserve. Ref. https://thedailycoin.org/2018/08/16/a-look-at-the-federal-reserve-through-a-different-lens/    It should be noted the analysis documents exclusive control by the FRBNY of government accounts, handling trillions of dollars annually, that have never been audited.


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