MONEY MONOPOLY ATTACK: Does Big Data Spell Big Trouble? (Video) – Lynette Zang

MONEY MONOPOLY ATTACK: Does Big Data Spell Big Trouble? (Video) – Lynette Zang

Facebook announced their entry into currency creation space via their new cryptocurrency, Libra and global governments are riled. Why? Because it poses a threat to their money monopoly.

On August 5, 2019, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System announced a new instant payment system, FedNow, with their own CBDC at the heart. This new, universally interoperable system would tie all banks and fintech companies under the direct control of the Fed, which seems an awful lot like the structure of the Chinese CBDC and payment system that is set to launch before Facebook launches Libra.

And because CBDCs are designed to mimic cash (like initially, cash was designed to mimic sound money gold in 1913), the general public would be lulled into believing that nothing has changed, when in reality, everything will have changed with central bankers in full control of every penny earned, spent and saved. YIKES!

With central bankers in full control, there is no way to protect your principal from negative yields and because computer digits are infinitely divisible, there could be a new inflation/deflation tool in their toolbox. You will do what they want. So the big question is, is there another choice? And the answer is yes.

Because once fully implemented, cash use would no longer be an option, but physical gold and silver remains the largest petal in the BIS money flower, that is outside of the central bank system, and is universally accepted for peer-to-Peer transactions.
Why are Central Banks buying gold? Because financial shields are made of gold and silver.

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