Vigil Held In Sacramento For Children Killed Or Injured By Vaccines

Vigil Held In Sacramento For Children Killed Or Injured By Vaccines By Arjun Walia for Natural Blaze

  • The Facts: A vigil was held in Sacramento, CA, for those who have been killed or injured by vaccines. It was done in response to the passing of vaccine bill SB276, which virtually removes medical exemptions for children who are at risk of adverse reactions.
  • Reflect On: Is it right to remove freedom of choice for children who are medically susceptible to vaccine injury? Is herd immunity even legit? This is discussed within the article as well.

Every single headline from any mainstream media source that calls attention to people raising concerns about vaccines–or in this case, protesting the recent SB277 bill that was signed into law in California State, stripping away medical exemptions for vulnerable children–always seems to contain “anti-vaccine” in the title and within the body of the article.

This recently inspired many people to gather at a vigil that was held to honor children who were injured or killed by vaccines. You can find more videos and pictures of the vigil on Jonathan Lockwood’s Facebook Page

“Anti-vaccine” is a term used, along with ridicule, to oppose those who are concerned about vaccine safety and just want to bring awareness to the many issues that plague the world regarding vaccines. Instead of mainstream sources addressing the concerns of vaccine safety advocates, not only are terms like “anti-vaccine” used, but ridicule is used as well. What would be more appropriate would be to simply address the many concerns that vaccine safety advocates have, acknowledge them, and simply reply and explain why these concerns aren’t necessary. Unfortunately, we have yet to see this happen.

Senate Bill 276 by Senator Richard Pan eliminated nearly all vaccine medical exemptions. Under this bill, politicians, not physicians, are in charge of deciding whether or not children may receive medical exemptions, which in turn would determine whether or not they can attend school.

It’s no secret that vaccines are not completely safe for everyone; it’s clearly not a ‘one size fits all’ product, and that’s evident by the fact that nearly $4 billion has been paid out to families of vaccine injured children via the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA).

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