Maine or Mogadishu? African ‘Refugees’ Invade Maine?!?!

Maine or Mogadishu? African ‘Refugees’ Invade Maine?!?! by John Q. Publius for Russia-Insider

“We have been overwhelmed and have responded valiantly. Now we need breathing room. Our city is maxed out financially, physically, and emotionally.”-Former Lewiston Mayor Larry Raymond

Several weeks ago I drew attention to the plight of the highly-unusual African migrant destination of Portland, Maine on The Third Rail podcast. It seems I wasn’t the only one whose suspicions were raised by what has rapidly turned into a crisis, with the city totally ill-equipped to deal with an influx of hundreds of Africans bussed-in by Catholic Charities from San Antonio, Texas. Who I can only assume is a local going under the name Concerned Citizen recently published a brilliant piece on Medium entitled “Such a Disgrace: How Ethan Strimling Betrayed the People of Portland” describing the trainwreck in Vacationland’s largest city. I highly recommend it as a primer on the situation, but of particular importance to us here are some pertinent questions raised by the author:

As a matter of course, refugees are typically less concerned with plotting a perfect 12,000-mile journey with an indeterminate source of funds than with escaping persecution aliveIn surely one of the most peculiar quirks of modern mass migration, these Angolans and Congolese had taken the circuitous route from central Africa to Brazil to Ecuador to Mexico to San Antonio, Texas and finally Portland, Maine. This amounts to a bare minimum of 11,264 miles traveled “as the crow flies,” and as much of the route was by land, it was surely much more.

As ostensible refugees, this naturally begs a couple of questions, namely: how can they afford to travel such distances with no income and just the clothes on their backs? How are they able to plan such a logistically-demanding trip? Why do they have international media and legal contacts?[1]

I took it upon myself to attempt to answer these questions, and have discovered in an almost-perfect analogue with what’s happening in Europe an existing support system and network that appears to be funneling migrants to particular pre-determined locales for reasons that will be discussed in the forthcoming pieces. The primary actors and organizations, and their connections to what at first blush appears to be an isolated incident but is anything but, will be revealed. Any treatment of the conflagration of aliens spreading across the whole of the United States must first start with a border so porous it might as well be non-existent, though. As Adam Shaw reports:

The U.S. Border Patrol chief testified Thursday that migrants from 52 countries have illegally crossed the border this year as she described an agency “overwhelmed on a daily basis” by the escalating crisis.“While smugglers primarily target the Northern Triangle, family units from 52 countries have illegally crossed the southern border so far this year,” U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost told the House Homeland Security Border Security, Facilitation and Operations Subcommittee…“In just two weeks, more than 740 individuals from African nations—primarily family units—have been apprehended in Del Rio sector alone, compared to only 108 who crossed the southern border in the first eight months of the fiscal year,” she said… Earlier in her remarks, Provost said that she has had to move 40-60 percent of manpower away from the border to process and care for nearly 435,000 families and children who have traveled across the border this year.[2]

Senior FBI counter-terrorism official Michael Steinbach testified before the House that the U.S. presently lacks the capability to properly screen out terrorists from the ranks of the U.N. refugee program—to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands of illegals flooding across the southern border. Perhaps an even graver biological threat looms as well; as Brian Lonergan writes:

What would happen if we encouraged and accepted seemingly infinite numbers of asylum seekers into our communities? The results are coming in, and they’re not pretty…The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently suffering through an Ebola epidemic so bad that the World Health Organization is considering declaring an international emergency there (my note: they did in fact end up declaring it an international emergency). Normally, asylum seekers are subject to a health check and quarantine if necessary before entering the U.S. However, Acting Homeland Security Director Kevin McAleenan recently admitted that, because of the overflow at the border, thousands of border crossers and illegal immigrants are being released into the country every week without undergoing tests for diseases. Given these factors, a potentially deadly outbreak of Ebola in the United States seems almost inevitable.[3]

None of these issues are treated with any concern by the ruling class, however. Old, white Maine needs migrants. Ostensibly driven by Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling’s siren song and with bus fare paid for by Catholic Charities, hundreds of Angolans and Congolese wound their way north to an already over-burdened Portland and its ample social services and benefits. This isn’t some aberration or accident, some one-off or outlier. For starters, Randy Billings reports that:

Some of the migrants have said that word had spread on the long and dangerous trail through Latin America of a welcoming attitude in Maine’s largest city, along with available social services and an existing African community.[4]

Indeed, immigrants accounted for three-fourths of Portland’s recent population growth, the vast majority of whom hailed from sub-Saharan Africa, though some came from the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In 2013, Portland had the largest concentration of immigrants in the state— nearly 10,000 or 15% of the population representing 80 nationalities.[5] That number has risen dramatically in just six short years. Currently, 42% of Portland’s and 40% of nearby Lewiston’s public school students are non-white, as are almost half of both cities’ children under the age five. Lewiston’s neighbor, Auburn, experienced a 400% growth in their English Language Learner student population between 2000-2010. Lewiston’s immigrant and refugee population has grown by over 330% since 2004. Lewiston:

became a secondary migration destination for Somalis after social service agencies relocated a few families there in February 2001. Between 1982 and 2000, resettlement agencies placed refugees, including 315 Somalis, in the Portland, Maine area. High rates of rental housing occupancy in Portland led to the first relocations to Lewiston. Somalis have a history of nomadism and maintain contact, often via cell phone, with a large network of extended family, clan members, and friends. More Somalis learned about Lewiston and were attracted by the quality of life there, the low housing costs, good schools, safety and greater social control of their children in the smaller town. Between February 2001 and August 2002 over 1,000 Somalis moved to Lewiston. Most of these early secondary migrants came from Clarkston, Georgia, a suburb just outside Atlanta. By 2007, Somalis were 6.5% of the population of Lewiston and had come to the city from all over the United States and at least three other countries.[6]

One-in-six Lewiston residents are now Somali and the consequences have been predictably disastrous, just as they have been in other formerly high-trust cities across the country. As Brian Lonergan writes:

How has the Minnesota experiment fared? In the Minneapolis neighborhood of Cedar-Riverside, dubbed “Little Mogadishu,” violent crimes increased by more than 50 percent in 2018. Law enforcement attributed the spike to Somali gang activity there. This is just one of many unpleasant statistics of growing criminal activity in the Minneapolis area. The Somali community in Minneapolis has also become a hotbed of terrorist recruitment in the U.S. The FBI reported that 45 Somalis left Minnesota to join al-Shabab or ISIS, both Islamic terrorist groups.

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