Public School Can’t be Reformed, Newman Tells Eagle Council

Public School Can’t be Reformed, Newman Tells Eagle Council By Liberty Sentinel Staff for Liberty Sentinel

ST. LOUIS — Parents must get their children out of government schools as quickly as possible, and pastors should encourage them and help them to do it, Liberty Sentinel chief Alex Newman told hundreds of “Eagles” during his keynote address at the 2019 Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Council in St. Louis this weekend.

The crowd — leaders from across America and beyond who have been active in school reform and other causes for many decades — responded with a standing ovation. “That was a little surprising,” Newman said after the talk, adding that until recently, most conservative and Christian leaders still believed Americans could “take back” the schools.

The speech, called “Rescuing Our Children — and Our Nation,” argued that public education cannot be reformed. The reason: It is doing exactly what it was intended to do by its architects such as humanist luminary John Dewey, progressive radical Horace Mann, and even communist Robert Owen.

“This indoctrination system masquerading as education has become a threat to everything we hold dear,” Newman said, adding that conservatives and Christians would lose every political battle if they continue handing their children over to the government to be indoctrinated. “Our families, our churches, our freedoms, and our nation are all facing an existential threat.”

Throughout the speech, Newman showed videos from the UN and top education leaders confirming the enormity of the threat. Also highlighted was polling data showing that most young Americans have now become socialists who reject the biblical worldview and America.

“This is a crisis,” he explained. “America will not survive another generation of this. Neither will our freedom or our churches.”

Newman showed horrifying examples of the the indoctrination taking place in schools ranging from pro-LGBT propaganda and “climate” hysteria to fake history and fake science. He also showed government data proving that Americans are being dumbed down on a massive scale.

Toward the end of the event, Newman offered to give out 100 free copies of The New American magazine’s Special Report on education. The magazine has been re-printed five or six times so far due to high demand, Newman said, urging attendees to get additional copies and share the information with others.

The Bible has a lot to say on education, Newman continued. Among other verses, he pointed to Proverbs 9:10, which explains that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” By contrast, the founders of America’s government education system rejected the Bible, and today, the Lord cannot even be mentioned, the international journalist and educator said.

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