Land of Fakes to Tax the Rich in Gimme Land

Land of Fakes to Tax the Rich in Gimme Land by Trader Stef for Crush the Street

“Remember, democracy never lasts long.

It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.

There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

– John Adams

The United States is not a democracy; it is a Constitutional Republic. The political and history illiterate are attempting to shove the mob rules version of government down your throat with histrionic presidential campaign rhetoric disguised as debates. No American founding document mentions democracy because it is dangerous to the rights of any minority. The cretinous socialists who are seeking to dominate will eventually rob you blind until you wake up and it will be too late. Unfortunately, we may have already arrived.

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One of the Comrades’ Free Stuff Programs Will Cost $32 Trillion – “The Democratic Socialists appear hell-bent on digging a much larger grave than we can crawl out of, and it does not include the current level of national debt, unfunded debt under states’ public employee, private multiemployer pension plans, and unfunded liabilities the U.S. Government is already buried under. You cannot abrogate the unions, state legislatures, Republicans, or Democrats because the voting citizenry is responsible for allowing their respective congress critters and senate slimeballs to get away with out-of-control spending policies over the course of decades. It is absurd that the progressive left (Socialists) seem to believe that the government should provide a wide range of services free of charge, including a university education, healthcare, childcare, housing, telecommunications, energy, and more to everyone, not just the neediest.” – TraderStef, Jul. 2018

Elizabeth Warren once said, “I used to line up my dollies and teach them.” The senator from Massachusetts and presidential candidate also expects you to be subordinate and subsidize an opening salvo of government spending for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to the tune of $150 billion in the first year. According to the New York Times, Pocahontas plans to hike SSA benefits by $200 a month across the board.

She believes in a fairy tale that raising taxes on the upper class can solve the U.S. unfunded liabilities debacle, which are over $200 trillion and growing. The most resent SSA Trustees reportprojects that the combined funds reserves will deplete by 2035. As of Jul. 2019, there were approximately 68 million people receiving SSA benefits, supplemental income, or both.

You Haven’t Earned Your Social Security — It’s Welfare… “I’m sorry, but no, you didn’t earn it – at least not all of it. Your SSA benefits are a gift from other taxpayers. It is not your own money coming back to you. That may be hard to accept, but it is important. Recognizing it should change your financial decisions… SSA is going broke, as I wrote last month. All would be well if the taxes people paid into SSA were enough to cover the benefits they receive. That’s just math. ‘Ah, but Congress spent the money on other things,’ you might say. That does not matter. Congress borrowed cash from the SSA trust funds and replaced it with IOUs. Social Security still ‘owns’ all that money… and it’s not enough.” – Forbes, Jul. 2018


“Back in 1960, the Supreme Court ruled that SSA is not insurance or any other kind of property. The law obligates the peasantry to make FICA contributions out of their income, but does not require the government to give you anything back. FICA is a tax, like any other. What you pay into FICA is used to calculate your benefit amount, but the congress critters can change your benefits anytime they please. They can give you more, less, or nothing at all. Your only recourse is the ballot box, so use it wisely.” – TraderStef, Jul. 2018

Warren’s tax plan consists of raising the contribution requirement on the top 2% earners by levying a 14.8% tax on wages for those who earn $250k+ a year, to be split equally between employers and employees. Additionally, the plan imposes a new 14.8% tax on investment income for individuals making more than 250k or families making more than $400 annually.

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