Today’s Market Note From UBS Legend Art Cashin, Who Has Sent Out These Notes For Well Over 3 Decades

Today’s Market Note From UBS Legend Art Cashin, Who Has Sent Out These Notes For Well Over 3 Decades from King World News

Today’s market note from UBS legend, Art Cashin, who has sent out these notes for well over 3 decades.

Well Over 3 Decades
September 11 (King World News) – From legend Art Cashin: We’ve been doing “Cashin’s Comments” for well over three decades. Readers have been overly gracious and generous in their acceptance. Sometimes they even asked for extra copies. The most requests we ever got for copies were for the first two “Comments” that followed 9/11. We are told they were mailed or emailed many times over. Today, the 18th Anniversary of 9/11 will see lots of folks recall how things were. To remember that day and the heroes it spawned we thought it simplest to repeat what we wrote back then. After the encore we’ll look at things like the current market. We hope you don’t mind the repeat. 


On this day, in September of the fateful year 2001, America – and the world – continued to try to find some way to return to normal. There have been no comments since the atrocity on 9/11. All of our family and staff are safe, thank God. But my office was put out of commission. (It was across a small open park from one of the towers.) We hope to get back into it this week and – maybe – begin regular comments next week. 

A Few Personal Comments – A few years back the “New Yorker” magazine ran a whimsical cover showing how “egotistical” New Yorkers might conceive a map of the United States. Satirically it depicted the nation, with three-quarters of its focus on the island of Manhattan. Ironically, after the atrocity on September 11th, the nation’s heart, its concern, its generosity is disproportionately focused on New York in almost the same manner. 

Similarly, in each of our lives, the picture we view of the world around us would surely have had us as the dominant feature of the canvas. Yet after the tragedy of that Tuesday, with its image of victims and heroes, of smoke and tears; none of us shall see ourselves so large again. There will be room in that picture for others – many others. 

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