‘Madness’ – Modern Day Feminism Is Nothing More Than ‘Female Chauvinism’

‘Madness’ – Modern Day Feminism Is Nothing More Than ‘Female Chauvinism’ By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine


Modern day feminist have found a couple new reasons to be offended and outraged, from Apple’s reprogramming their virtual assistant, Siri’s, responses in relation to the word “feminism or feminist,” to how men sit in airplanes, supposedly eating up a raging liberal feminist’s “space, to the term “hey guys” suddenly being inappropriate terminology.

We also see that a traditional feminist Democrat scholar, who has spent decades speaking and lecturing at schools, so offends college “snowflakes” that they needed a safe space and a therapy dog, just to deal with her opinions on modern day feminism.


We’ll start with our feminist Democrat scholar, Christina Hoff Sommers, who joined Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday, to discuss modern day feminism to which she calls “madness,” as she describes what traditional feminists like herself fought for over the decades in comparison to what the modern day movement has become.

In the 12 minute video clip of her interview with Maher, both address the topic, and Sommers asserts that the goal of the original wave of feminism was to “overcome male chauvinism,” stating that “the answer is not female chauvinism,” to which the movement has become.

Via Campus Reform:

“There are these professors and they pass along these messages that [women are] all traumatized, we’re all fragile, we’re diminished under this patriarchal oppressive system,” Hoff Sommers said, while adding that “this is madness.”

“American women, arguably, are among the freest, most self-determining in history,” she continued. “And at the very moment where we have this opportunity for just profound equality with men, and to take on running of the world with men, at that very moment we start giving, especially undergraduate women at the more elite colleges, we start giving them the message that they’re victims, they’re fragile, they need not equality with men but protection from these toxic masculine hegemons.”

In the video clip below, she also addresses the offense now taken by modern feminists to the term “you guys,” as well as the constantly triggered mentality of students in today’s colleges across the nation, where she has to have security, a full detail at times, to protect her from these crazed lunatics that need their safe spaces to avoid hearing anything she has to say on the topic.

After listening to the exchanges between Sommers and Maher, it is apparent that there is at least one sane Democrat feminist left in this world.


After reading multiple articles over Apple’s rewriting certain responses that are given by their virtual assistant Siri, specifically changes they made in response to questions about feminism or the term feminist, we note that liberal feminists are quite triggered because Apple has listed the terms as “controversial content,” meaning they wrote the replies in a manner as to offend the least amount of people, as large businesses and corporations often set as a goal…. it is good for business to offend as few customers as possible.

That isn’t how modern day feminists see it though, as we will show below.

Here is how the leftist website Salon’s Nicole Karlis describes it:

As the Guardian reports, internal documentation for Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, was edited to make sure that Siri would avoid using the word “feminism.” The move was part of an internal project to rewrite how Siri handles “sensitive topics.” Siri’s responses would ensure that the voice assistant would say it supports “equality,” but never the word “feminism,” even when asked directly about the topic.

It is damning to think that the right has gained so much ground on the culture wars that it could paint a word like “feminism” — a doctrine of equality of the sexes that has existed for hundreds of years — as a “sensitive topic.”

Before moving along, lets address that for a moment. It wasn’t the “right” that changed the feminist mandate from simply wanting “equality” into demands for more rights than men have. It isn’t the “right” that has stopped trying to “empower” women and instead have started trying to convince them that being born a woman automatically makes them a “victim.” It isn’t the “right” that has went from traditional feminists wanting equality to man-hating Feminazis.

No, that was was the left, liberal women not happy that they obtained equality and are now demanding full and total control, especially of men and masculinity.

Moving along:

The guidelines for how to write Siri’s character emphasized that “in nearly all cases, Siri doesn’t have a point of view.”

Such a guideline certainly perpetuates the gender bias that female assistants shouldn’t have a point of view or believe in equality. To suggest that feminism is “controversial” is to suggest that human equality is, too. Believing that women are equal to men is not a controversial idea, but it is telling that Apple seems to think so — or perhaps have been convinced so by the current discourse around gender equality, which has been thoroughly poisoned by the right.

It is a virtual assistant, an online bot, for heavens sake, not a real human female!! In Siri’s own user guide they offer options where people can choose the accent and gender of the voice being heard, and guess what? The male voices will give the exact same answers, so acting all outraged that the “female” gender is being subjugated with their new responses, is utterly ridiculous.

Secondly, a service provided by a company such as Apple is supposed to “inform,” and frankly isn’t supposed to have a “point of view.” It has nothing to do with feminism and everything to do with providing a service to the masses with the intent of appealing to the majority of people without offense. Period.



In 2015 the Millennials over at the leftist site Vox declared it was time to stop saying “hey guys,” claiming it was sexist or something. I try not to read Vox because it is enough to feel your IQ lowering by a point or ten for each second on the site.  (Here is Twitchy on that piece)

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