George Soros Praises Trump’s China Policy, Urges Firm Stance Against Huawei

George Soros Praises Trump’s China Policy, Urges Firm Stance Against Huawei by John Hayward for Breitbart

Left-wing billionaire and political donor George Soros wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal on Monday in which he praised President Donald Trump’s policies toward China. He then urged Congress to maintain the president’s firm stand against Chinese telecom giant Huawei – overriding the White House if necessary, should Huawei become a bargaining chip in the larger trade war.

The leftist money man did not exactly shower Trump with praise in his op-ed. He portrayed Trump’s actions against China as the “greatest, and perhaps only, foreign policy accomplishment of the Trump administration.”

Soros, 89, lauded Trump’s policy as “coherent and genuinely bipartisan,” which necessitated ignoring a huge amount of Democrat partisan sniping at Trump’s position on China, coupled with fervent promises from most of the 2020 Democrat presidential field to undo those policies as quickly as possible if they win. Soros is one of the few prominent voices on the left to describe the trade war with China as anything but a disaster.

The U.S.-Hungarian businessman said the administration was correct to see Beijing as a “strategic rival” and treat Huawei as a “national security threat,” barred from doing business with American companies by the Commerce Department.

Citing China’s efforts to take the lead in artificial intelligence technology and 5G network, Soros predicted that “as long as Huawei remains on the [banned] entity list, it will lack crucial technology and be seriously weakened” because the Chinese firm remains highly dependent upon components obtained from American suppliers.

Soros explained his fierce opposition to China is based in large part on apprehension over the Chinese surveillance state and its “social credit system,” a means of enforcing Communist Party dogma by monitoring every aspect of public life and depriving citizens of crucial services if their citizenship and patriotism are found lacking.

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