A Mighty Collapse Is Upon Us – Time for A Change: Kenneth Ameduri

A Mighty Collapse Is Upon Us – Time for A Change: Kenneth Ameduri by Rory for The Daily Coin

This is a twisting, turning look at our economy as we enter what seems to be a some type of shift in actions and thoughts by every one. We see misguided thoughts and uprisings supporting communism, which is being sold as “socialism”. Socialism is nothing more than a misspelling of communism, period. There is absolutely zero difference between the two systems of theft and control. As Kenneth Ameduri, Crush the Street, points out there has never been a formidable society that was born from a socialist / communist society. It has never worked from the ground up.

We look at our collapsing society from a slightly deeper perspective than simply reviewing the economics and financial systems. There is something going on that is rarely discussed when it should be the forefront of every conversation regarding our collapsing society and unfolding paradigm shift. Buckle up as the next half hour is going to get bumpy!

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