The $600 Option that Works: Riley Defense AK (Video)

The $600 Option that Works: Riley Defense AK Video by NutnFancy

Does the $600 AK still exist? Yes. We we hunting for one and ended up, among others, with a Riley Defense RAK47. Surely this thing’s gotta be a piece of crap right? Not so fast and don’t believe the AK elitists that sometimes slam the door their “non-approved” guns. I stand in opposition to all such elitism, always have, and just try to find the merits in each item, especially when it scores high in value like the RAK47.

You see the Russian and many imported stamped AK variants skyrocketed in price. It makes no sense in buying these over priced, over hyped AKs at those prices; I’ll stick with an AR thank you. And yet the AK group think often proclaims you need to speed big bucks on a “real AK.” Don’t believe it. After all this is a rifle designed to be a throwaway and it is cheap to produce.

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The RAK47 had a break in period, shown and we discuss that. The first gens had some probs, this generation corrected those problems and has a forged trunion [“RILEY Defense has switched from cast to Mil-Spec FORGED Trunions as of May 16, 2017”]. After that you’ll see it met the standard of the design in our testing: fast, sure, and fun to shoot. TacticalDoodle here too in another fun Bunker GRV. He wreaks. I focus on the gun and show you the surprisingly quality levels of this surprise hit AK: stock, finish, straightness of the blocks/sights, sight regulation [right on out of the box], legit AK features, and more. This RAK47 will be in the Project for some time as we continue to run it but all indications show this is a value AK you should consider.

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