Farage: I’ll Help Johnson Get 100-Seat Majority in Election Pact with Tories

Farage: I’ll Help Johnson Get 100-Seat Majority in Election Pact with Tories by Victoria Friedman for Breitbart

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said that he is “100 per cent sincere” about a non-aggression pact with the Conservatives and has pledged to not stand candidates against the 28 Tory “Spartans” in the European Research Group (ERG) who opposed Theresa May’s soft-Brexit deal.

“We are not playing political games,” Mr Farage wrote in The Telegraph on Sunday, adding that he welcomed comments by chairman of the ERG Steve Baker who earlier this week called for an election pact between the Tories and the Brexit Party in the event of an election to stop the “Remain coalition”.

“Baker knows it is blindingly obvious that the Tories simply cannot secure seats in certain parts of the country that voted Leave, but that The Brexit Party would win there,” Mr Farage said, alluding to Labour Leaver constituencies in the North and Midlands of England and in Wales, with the politician having declared war on the Labour Party for abandoning its working class Brexiter voters to become the party of Remain and the party of the London liberal elite.

Mr Farage has called on Prime Minster Boris Johnson to agree to such a tactical pact, where each would stand down candidates if it benefited the other, but said that he would only do so if Johnson abandoned renegotiations of May’s withdrawal treaty and fully embraced a no deal Brexit — otherwise he would stand candidates in all seats across the country.

In exchange for Baker acknowledging the need for such a pact, Mr Farage extended an olive branch to Tory Brexiteers on Sunday by pledging to not stand candidates against the ERG’s pro-clean Brexit “Spartans”.

“My response is to say now we will not stand against any of the 28 who opposed that third attempt to put that dismal treaty through the House of Commons. And far from not standing against them, if we can actively help them and support them in their constituencies, we will,” Mr Farage told The Times.

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