The Physics of Karma Transcends the Perfidy of Billionaires

The Physics of Karma Transcends the Perfidy of Billionaires By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via

When I was in second grade, my class took a field trip whereby we walked through a cemetery and the county fairgrounds.  We were strongly advised not to throw rocks by our gym instructor who was assisting our teacher on the trip.  He was a large muscular man and had a Swedish-sounding name.  He said to us kids:  “Don’t even THINK about throwing any rocks!  If any of you do, you will be in big, big, BIG trouble!”

Well, he should have never given me the idea. Because while walking through the fairgrounds, there were so many metal roofs on the buildings.  So I picked up a round heavy stone and lobbed it as high as I could before it landed on what sounded like a giant cymbal.

“Who did that?!” screamed the teachers as over 20 tiny fingers pointed my way.  The big gym teacher suddenly loomed over me, blocking out the sun.  “Why did you do that?!” he asked me in a loud voice.

Of course, I had no answer for him other than “I don’t know” which I stated simply while squinting up at him.  But I remember the feeling very well.  Today, it would be summarized as:  “Because, F*CK you, that’s why”.

Thus began my life of crime.

I grew up on Lynyrd Skynyrd, jungle gyms over asphalt, incoming lawn dart missiles and stolen cigarettes by the band shelter down in the park. Green grass and high tides forever. Slow gin, peppermint schnapps, rum and keggers at the quarries.  For the most part, I never got caught except for the times I was incarcerated for fighting or disturbing the peace and various other general mischief; and, usually, for the same reason:  “Because, F*CK you, that’s why”.

Which was pretty much the same reason I started my blog exactly three years ago this month.  It was September of 2016 and, at the time, I was sure Hillary Clinton was going to win the U.S. presidency.

As I’ve stated before, blogging is like juggling bowling balls. It’s up and down and gravity is the default. I say this because creating content takes a lot of effort, like throwing bowling balls into the air. The traffic pops for a few days after an article posts and then drops much faster than it shot upwards.

My blog is just an inexpensive wordpress site that I use as a catalog.  Over the past 36 months, I’ve averaged an article approximately every 7 to 10 days.  Although, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have anything else to say, so far, I’ve not run out of words; and maybe that’s an understatement – especially given this article is over 5,000 words which, at 240 words per minute, equals around a 20 minute read.

So now you can’t say you weren’t warned. Feel free come to come back later if you want.

In the meantime, please know this:  I am nothing special.  Not at all.  I’m just an average guy living a random life and choosing my words with care. I spent my life making money and raising my family when I should have probably run for office. Perhaps, now, I’m trying to make up for lost time, even if it’s too late. Certainly, hindsight is 20/20. Or, to be completely honest, maybe its pure vanity to think any single individual could have stemmed the tide.

Which touches upon something I’ve been thinking about as well: As Clownworld progresses deeper and deeper into neo-Luciferian madness, I could foresee dishonest “agents” stealing passwords and online identities in order to create confusion and chaos.

Any neutral party reading my online musings over the last three years will see that all of them have remarkable consistency and accuracy. Furthermore, I’m a happy guy with zero suicidal thoughts and zero interest in child porn. Right now I am like Popeye umpiring a baseball game:

I y’am what I y’am and I calls ’em likes I sees ’em.

Therefore, if any future writings don’t pass the “sniff-test” – buyer beware.

In the past, I’ve written a few personal pieces including my musings in a church on Mother’s Day;  about my college roommate who died of alcoholism at age 52, and how a dead writer’s suicide showed me anything can happen.

Obviously, this is just another one of those personal, and maybe even self-indulgent, postings.

In the months and years after I went Galt, my college roommate, and my father, died. In the years prior, I was running a business and raising kids while watching my parents wind down like clocks.  Hospitals, nursing homes, funeral parlors and cemeteries.  Obama became president and I was serving on two separate boards plus several sub-committees. Eventually, I began day drinking to the point I became somewhat paralyzed.  Everywhere I looked, I saw dead-ends: Obamacare, John Corzine’s heist at MF Global, Benghazi, Mittens Romney, Syria’s red-line in the sand, and all of those government scandals.

America was doomed.

By then I’d found the free internet where political correctness goes to die.  Call it Galt’s Gulch or the Island of Ideological Misfit Toys, in any case, I took comfort there and commenting on blogs became a process for me to test ideas and work things out.  There is one website that I frequented the most, and still do:  The Burning The airing of concepts there, the debates, the music, the humor, and its overall irony, soon made me want to pick myself up, shake off the lethargy, and get back into the game.  It was also there, where that website’s administrator, Jim Quinn, allowed me to begin posting articles and I am very grateful to this day for his encouragement and support.

So, now, my time divides by the blue light separating the three dimensions and the ether. And, accordingly, my fellow bloggers and commenters on the internet serve as my inspiration out here in the interwebs; even as the billionaires at Facebook, Google, Twitter, et al, are sweeping away free speech faster than stray French fries from a McDonald’s floor after hours.

The censorship is occurring even as momentum builds within the U.S. Congress to pass unconstitutional Red Flag Laws; which, of course, will mark the beginning of gun confiscation in the United States.

Is it a coincidence that these are happening at the same time?  Sure. Call it a coincidence if you want. But, unquestionably, the timing could not have been better. Or, perhaps, worse.

In response to my most recent article, a reader of my blog e-mailed me the video posted below, entitled: “JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick”.

I know. It’s 3.5 hours and that’s an eternity for the average web surfer.  As for myself, currently, I’m half-way through and, although I’ve not completely vetted the reporting therein –  the video does, admittedly, have the ring of plausibility.

So, in viewing the above documentary, I had a disturbing thought and it was this:

“What if America was never good or great?”

But then, I realized she had her moments even amidst the evil clowns who have ruined her with certain finality.  Interestingly enough, the video, seemingly, demonstrates how the billionaires have used American patriotism to manipulate her citizens into serving the collective will of the financial elite.

From Norman Rockwell to foreign wars.  And, now, into red flag laws, unconstitutional gun confiscation, and socialism. Everything turns.

In an article posted last June entitled “The Lingering Lies of the Liars are Languishing”, I wrote the following:

The seeds of destruction in the Russian collusion narrative remain rooted in the patriotism of both sides. No matter who wins in the end, it will be a pyrrhic victory because the other team will never surrender, accept any terms, or yield any ideological ground.  Any chance of compromise is long past, so it’s all or nothing going forward.  In fact, each side’s patriotism precludes any chance of concession.

Or, stated another way, Donald Trump was elected by patriotism because he has professed his desire to make America great again whereas the Russo-phobic loons have expressed their desire to patriotically save the nation from Vladimir Putin’s iron grip. And, obviously, it doesn’t matter that Russiagate was a grand ruse executed by the billionaires.

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