What will fuel Silver Gold to New Highs? | Ned Naylor Leyland (Video)

What will fuel Silver Gold to New Highs? | Ned Naylor Leyland Video by Silver Doctors

On Wednesday, the spot gold price briefly eclipsed the important $1550 level. It remains to seen if gold will make a run for $1600 or need some time to gather energy.

After a strong Thursday spot sell off, gold appears to be on pace to close the week above $1520. Look up at the top of your screen at SD Bullion or Silver Doctors to see if it indeed did.

The spot silver price on Wednesday too popped over the $19.50 mark. Selling off on Thursday, silver appears to be ending this week below the $19 oz handle.

The GoldSilver ratio briefly pierced in the high 70s this week. For those technical momentum traders using the GSR as a timing tool, this is perhaps bullish short term for silver spot prices to come vs gold.

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Platinum keeps chugging along higher likely closing around the $960 oz mark to finish the week.

Palladium has essentially been moving sideways since all other 3 precious metals rose out of their price slumbers.

Turning to our guest this week, it was 1 year ago the last time we spoke with Ned Naylor-Leyland in London.

I spoke with him yesterday, Thursday, September 5th about the big changes financial market sentiments since we last spoke. We especially focus on the silver market.

And most importantly for precious metal bulls. What are the catalysts which will drive a raging bull market for precious metals? Who are the players and what is the psychology which will tip the scales of heavy capital flowing into the precious metals arena.

With us this week, a returning guest who we spoke with almost exactly 1 year ago from today.

We welcome back Mr. Ned Naylor-Leyland, a Gold & Silver Fund Manager at Merian Global Investors.

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