Thursday Selloffs: Mini-Correction or a Trend Change? (Podcast)

Thursday Selloffs: Mini-Correction or a Trend Change? Podcast for Sprott Money

It’s been a wild week in precious metals, but is it a correction or is it a sale? Eric Sprott returns to the Weekly Wrap-Up to break down all the gold and silver news you need, including:

• Do the fundamentals for gold and silver still look strong?

• When can we expect gains to show up in earnings per share?

• Plus: The dynamics of a bull market: Where are we now?

“If you had asked me on Wednesday what I thought, I would have said: Well, it seems obvious to me that the Commercial Banks have lost the game. They realize that if they want to cover their shorts, obviously you’ve got to be on the buy side. But because they were the only seller, where are they going to get the product from? And the losses were becoming incredible. I have their losses at well over $10 billion, you know? That’s not small change anymore.”

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