Brexit Has Devolved into Random Acts of Vandalism

Brexit Has Devolved into Random Acts of Vandalism by Tom Luongo for Gold, Goats and Guns

Some men just want to watch the world burn.
–The Dark Knight

Brexit has destroyed British politics. That was the goal of the EU’s non-negotiating strategy. And it has succeeded brilliantly.

Understand that the mindset of The Davos Crowd and their quislings across Europe is that the EU is inevitable. The EU is the future and nothing the people say or want will change that course.

And they will do everything they can to implement it.

While watching another two hours of pathetic virtue signaling and strident desperation known as British Parliament I came to the only conclusion any rational person could come to.

The Remain coalition in the U.K. parliament have become vandals.

They would destroy everything about their government, traditions and what they know to be true outside the halls of Westminster to ensure the dreams of their paymasters are made real.

The fact that they would put forward a bill that hands absolute control over future negotiations with the EU to the European Commission is treason. Period.

That they would then hide from a General Election that they know would reverse their coup is an act of vandalism.

It is the height of arrogance for people who first stood on party manifestos to implement Brexit and then demanded a ‘People’s Vote’ to stop it, to simper and use their last remaining bits of power to deny those very people the opportunity to change their representation out of fear of Brexit.

This is where believer crosses the line to ideologue. That moment when you have to decide to subjugate millions of people because of your fears, your ideas, to your will because you know better.

And that they do so claiming to be champions of democracy shows just how flexible the English language is.

The people who crossed the whip and voted to stop Boris Johnson from implementing Brexit on October 31st, have been outed as the vandals they are. They are the people who sought originally to bind the U.K. into a Withdrawal Treaty worse than EU membership as punishment to the people who voted Brexit in 2016.

These are people like Dominic Grieve, Michael Gove, Ken Clarke and Phillip Hammond. Regardless of what they say publicly they never believed in Brexit, do not want it and do not want to see it implemented.

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