Red Flag Laws | An Opening to Massive Abuse and Gun Grabbing Power

Red Flag Laws | An Opening to Massive Abuse and Gun Grabbing Power by  for Modern Survival Blog

Red Flag Laws. If you don’t know what that is, let me summarize for you.

The Dangers of Red Flag Laws

It is a guilty-until-proven-innocent, pre-crime confiscation of one’s firearms. It is triggered when anyone (literally anyone) makes a Red Flag accusation against you (or whoever). I’m not kidding. It’s that easy.

There doesn’t have to be a truthful reason to initiate the process. The police or SWAT team will come to your home, unannounced (probably at 3AM), and take/seize all of your guns when someone triggers the Red Flag law against you. The responsibility will then be upon YOU to PROVE your innocence in court (with all associated costs thereof).

Does anyone see ANY problem with this? Do you think that maybe there’s a wee bit of probability for ABUSE here? Is there not a violation of at least our 4th Amendment rights with Red Flag law? Or what about our 1st Amendment rights?

Red Flag Law Abuse

Lets say you’re an outspoken advocate on “the right”, utilizing your 1st Amendment right of free speech. It ruffles the feathers of the snowflakes on the left (for example). They in turn melt-down in anger (which they do), and call the police to trigger a false Red Flag accusation in retaliation (which they will do). Think it won’t happen? Think again.

Here’s another one. You break up with your girlfriend. Or you’re getting a divorce. She is so vindictive that she calls the police to falsely report a triggerable Red Flag offense. The next thing you know, they’re breaking down your door in the middle of the night to seize your firearms.

You’ve got a neighbor who really hates guns. Especially the scary looking ones. They know you have them and think you’re on of those “gun nuts”. They’ve seen you take your scary one out to your vehicle to go and target shoot at the range. It frightens and angers them to the extreme extent of reporting you via a Red Flag triggering phone call to the police. The process has been put in motion (guilty until proven innocent) and they arrive at your home to confiscate ALL of your firearms.

Listen, I could go on and on with hypothetical examples. It’s nearly endless the scenarios that someone could use to falsely accuse another of a Red Flag law violation.

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