Essential JBSFC A thorough update from Batchelor and Cohen (Podcast)

Essential JBSFC A thorough update from Batchelor and Cohen Podcast via TFMetals Report

John Batchelor and Professor Cohen returned from vacation last evening to bring us all up to date on the recent developments in the New Cold War.

A comprehensive update and a reality check from John and Steve last evening. Not only do they discuss recent events, John and Steve also go back and fill in some blanks regarding “Russiagate”, now that former FBI director Comey has been rebuked by the Inspector General of the Justice Department. Be sure to listen to the opening on Part 2 for a summary.

It’s a solid update and the guys promise another discussion next week so please be sure to listen when you can so that you might stay on top of the ever-changing dynamics of The New Cold War.


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