$19 Silver with $20 On the Horizon

$19 Silver with $20 On the Horizon by Rory for The Daily Coin

I’ve been saying that silver would finish the year out at or just above $19 for the past several weeks. Our forecast goes all the way back to December 2017 when pointed out that silver would need to push upwards of $5 per ounce per year beginning this year in order to hit our target of $32+ by 2023. It appears we are going to hit our first mark.

Silver closed 2018 at $15.46 on December 31, 2018 and averaged $15.71 for all of 2018 according to KitCo. It feels like silver was much lower than that last years, but, it’s probably just the fact the banking cartel is getting so much push back for the past several months it almost feels like an actual market. Don’t let your guard, the banking cartel is still in control as Jeffrey Christian recently pointed out during a recent interview – click here to listen.

We can see both metals are moving in ways that we haven’t seen in years and they are both moving with authority. I have been looking around for the past hour in an attempt to locate some piece of news that created this explosion to the upside today and there is nothing that even comes close to being a fuse for such a massive upswing.

While it’s exciting it should be viewed with caution. The metals are both due for a rest, and probably a slight pull back, and we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves in this new paradigm. When I say “new paradigm”, that’s what I mean. Some of the old levels are past and will not be seen again in our life time. For example, we believe we are done with $14 handle and possibly $15 and $16 handle. We don’t see silver ever reaching this far back ever again.

We have said for close to two years this was going to happen. We are confident in what we share and the economy, fundamentals and mining sector DO NOT MATTER, until they do. And once they matter, well… it’s on. We are rapidly approaching that stage of the show. Get the physical metal at these levels while you can and hold strong.

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