Fed Admits Working Against President Trump – Wayne Jett

Fed Admits Working Against President Trump – Wayne Jett by Greg Hunter for USA Watchdog

The Federal Reserve made it clear it was working against President Trump for the 2020 election.  Former NY Fed Chief Bill Dudley wrote an Op-Ed recently that said President Trump was “making bad choices” in his trade negotiations with China.  He also said, “There’s even an argument that the election (2020) falls within the Fed’s purview.”  The Fed is clearly saying it could tank the economy to keep Trump from getting a second term.  Federal Reserve watcher Wayne Jett wrote about the Fed, “The Fruits of Graft,” and says this is why Trump and the Fed are doing combat right.  Why is the Fed doing this now?  Jett contends, “They have a President that is coming after them and is in their wheelhouse in terms of what their role is.  He is basically giving them warning shots across the bow that says if you come after me during my re-election, I am coming after you.  I think this is great.  In a piece I recently published on my website that said Dudley has let the cat out of the bag, or you could say he stepped in it in terms of the Fed fight, Dudley has put it right out front and, yes, the Fed is going after President Trump and Dudley says they ought to.  He is making a public case that this is for the good of the country.  Ordinarily, they go after the President or they go for him–and that is usually the case.” 

Jett goes on to say, “The Fed is one of the most powerful instruments the kingmakers have to determine what goes on in the political arena in the United States.  So, in my opinion, Dudley did us a great favor by letting the cat out of the bag and making the Fed fair game for this President.  Dudley basically said let’s step up and cause a recession to get this President out of office.  We can do it.  Well, of course, they can.  They have done it in the past election.”

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