“If True”…Tucker Carlson Might Get Fired…”If True”

“If True”…Tucker Carlson Might Get Fired…”If True” by Rory for The Daily Coin

The morons on MSLSD, I mean MSNBC, have, once again, spread more lies about a story that only existed in the mind of one their so-called “reporters”.

One the lunatics that escaped the asylum found himself in front of a camera spewing nonsense about President Trump acquiring funding from…wait for it….Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yep, you can’t make this stuff up. “If true” he repeated on the front end of the lie and then again on the backside of the lie was spewed live on August 27, 2019 on MSNBC. These people have no shame and can’t figure out why people like myself are crushing them at Every. Single. Turn. We make mistakes, however, we will never, ever “report” something that begins with the words “if true”. When someone begins a statement with those two words the only acceptable response should be *cough*BS*cough*.

In other unimportant news: The current second biggest loser in American politics, possibly the first, who has only been interested in amassing power for herself has been outed to the point of having to “drop out” of the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Kristen Gillibrand, who was actually out of the race as soon as she left Youngstown, Oh in July, made it official on August 28, 2019. She can now crawl back into her hole and, hopefully, the people in her district will find their way to a Republican or Populist ballot box in the coming Senate race and vote this sleazy, filthy globalist wannabe out of office.

This woman is so out-of-touch with reality that she actually published the exchange between herself and a young woman in Ohio. I presume Gillibrand thought this would be helpful to her cause. A quick glance at the comments under the video – with a nonexistent 606 views as of today paints a true picture of what people think about this woman. My YouTube channel has been shadow banned six-ways-to-Sunday and I can garner 606 views and I’m not running for President of the United States.

Today in Youngstown, OH, a woman asked: “This is an area that, across all demographics, has been depressed because of the loss of industry and the opioid crisis. What do you have to say to people in this area about so-called white privilege?” Source

Tucker Carlson finally came back to the office and returned to the airwaves after being “off” on Monday and Tuesday. This fuels the speculation that he is on his way out. It doesn’t matter as his audience will follow him, if possible, to his next venture.

The opening was, as always, filled with punch after punch in the face of the satanic globalist.

The illegal border jumpers in this country, and the serious, violent crimes they commit are going to push people over the edge. This is exactly what the satanic globalist are looking to happen. The point of “sanctuary cities” is shove violent crime down our throat until we push back and then the criminal corporate media will send out their barking dogs and paint the people as just another racist, nazi, white supremacist that is taking out their frustration on some powerless, virtuous person of color. Never mind the illegal criminal that just raped an 11 year old girl, multiple times, filmed it with his cell phone is allowed to walk away because, well, they’re a virtuous, illegal border jumping piece of scum.

Watch the full show fast, August 28, 2019, as YT has improved their ability to disappear these videos in very short order. (Deleted in less than 18 hours – a new record!!)
Full Show

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