Unequal Justice and the Persecution of Steve Stockman, Proud Boys, Andy Ngo—Is U.S. ALREADY A Third World Country?

Unequal Justice and the Persecution of Steve Stockman, Proud Boys, Andy Ngo—Is U.S. ALREADY A Third World Country?  for Unz Review

If the hallmark of a Third World country is arbitrary law enforcement, we are already there. Former Congressman Steve Stockman, an immigration patriot and a stalwart of the conservative movement, is serving a ten-year sentence for fundraising crimes, that, even if committed, would typically be punished by far less. The extensive investigation was spearheaded by the same people Stockman exposed for weaponizing the IRS against conservative organizations. In contrast, Democratic officials accused of crimes receive kid gloves treatment—even with the supposedly “authoritarian” Trump in the White House. The Trump Administration’s Department of Justice is being slammed for supposedly being “far-Right,” but it’s not even upholding equal justice against Leftist Deep State bureaucrats.

Stockman has been a thorn in the side of the Republican Establishment but a hero to many grassroots conservatives for years. He’s strong on immigration (NumbersUSA career grade B) and even bravely challenged current GOP Senator John Cornyn (current NumbersUSA grade F-). He was also something of a proto-Trump in his ability to bait the Left and get them to expose their true beliefs.

However, Stockman took on something far more dangerous than the GOP Establishment when he called for ex-IRS official Lois Lerner to be arrested in 2014 [Stockman pushes for Lerner arrest, by Rachel Bade, Politico, July 10, 2014]. Lerner was the head of the division of the IRS that oversees tax-exempt organizations and had admitted that the government was applying extra scrutiny to conservative groups claiming tax exempt status. She refused to testify before Congress and was held in contempt by the House. However, no charges were filed against her [Lois Lerner Escapes Criminal Contempt Charges After DOJ Finds She Did Not Waive Rights, by Kelly Phillips Erb, Forbes, April 1, 2015].

Needless to say, just attempting to weaponize the IRS in a “discriminatory manner” formed part of the impeachment charges against President Richard Nixon. But when a Democrat is president, the rules change.

Now the Deep State, the permanent bureaucracy, appears to have gotten its revenge on Stockman. He was targeted by the FBI for supposed fundraising irregularities. According to FBI testimony at his 2018 trial, an agent was brought onto the team to investigate Stockman the same month he called for Lerner’s arrest on Fox News [Retribution by Obama officials keeps courageous congressman in prison, by Rebecca Hagelin, Washington Times, August 4, 2019]. The prosecutor who signed Stockman’s indictment, Raymond Hulser, was copied on Lois Lerner’s emails [Congressman Stockman’s Case Is A Dark Omen Of Political Repression To Come, by Patti Stockman, Daily Caller, August 19, 2019]. It’s also worth noting that Stockman was prevented from even mentioning Lois Lerner at trial.

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