Controlling Minds, Narratives & Elections: Google, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter

Controlling Minds, Narratives & Elections: Google, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter by Corey Lynn for Corey’s Digs

TDC Note – The Daily Coin has been blacklisted for well over a year. Our first real trouble began with Shadow of Truth and youtube shadow banning our subscribers. Then in October 2016 google came after this website and chipped away at all the categories and tags until their was nothing left. Then they sent a troll out to post comments on our site in late 2018 and 3 weeks later we were thrown off google adsense and all content was blacklisted.

We keep pushing, we keep fighting and we will not back down. As these filthy communist companies continue to zig, we continue to zag.


Censorship is the “buzzword,” but what’s really happening is suggestive mind control, propagating narratives, and manipulating elections. This is neither theory nor opinion, it is fact, and there is much evidence. But beyond this evidence, it only requires a pair of eyes to observe the fabrications dialed up on a daily basis. A 10-year-old could make such observations.

• Google was one of Hillary Clinton’s top campaign donors in her 2016 presidential run, Eric Schmidt offered to setup her tech campaign, and Google’s autocomplete feature impacted 2.6 – 10.4 million votes in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

• Facebook removed a campaign ad containing a photo of the women for Trump coalition due to their “gender identity” policies.

• Google’s YouTube “Blacklist” blocked over 2,500 searches of the Las Vegas shooting so as to suppress information and videos from getting out. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

• Google autocompletes searches to give the perception that others are actually searching those terms, in an attempt to seed their minds with information and agendas they wish to control, while suppressing what is really being searched.

Google’s gone above and beyond their rein, filtering out thousands of searches in YouTube, while selecting the narrative they want to seed minds with in their google searches. Meanwhile, Facebook is removing campaign ads of a group of women because it doesn’t comply with their “gender identity” policies, which falls right in sync with the deep state’s transhumanism genderless society they strive for. And Twitter continues to censor and shadowban everyone who doesn’t feed the minds of others with the twisted narratives tech giants are pushing for their puppet masters.

Google YouTube’s Blacklist Speaks Volumes

In June 2019, Google former senior engineer turned whistleblower, Zachary Vorhies, went public in the shadows while on Project Veritas to blow the whistle on the corruption taking place inside google. Not knowing at the time that he was going to go visibly public and completely blow the lid off Google’s tactics, that day proved to be a teaser for what was to come next. Just weeks later, on August 14, 2019, Vorhies turned over 950 pages of internal google documents and laptop to the DOJ. Reporter Sarah Carter wrote an exclusive report the day before Vorhies went public on Project Veritas once again, only this time he wasn’t hiding in the shadows.

Not only had google been altering search results by auto populating the search field, they were hiding searches, and had created a “blacklist” for YouTube to put in place so that thousands of search phrases would conceal that which they didn’t want seen by the public. The document states “The queries in this file will force the controversial twiddler to be triggered.” The biggest group of keyword searches pertained to the Las Vegas shooting – you know, the one that was swept under the rug? Eight full pages of keyword phrases squashed for fear of information and pertinent videos circulating through the eyes of millions.

This is a small sample of some of the hundreds of Vegas shooting searches:

Another group of keywords revolved around “abortion.” Given the recent thrust of abortion laws from state to state, and the Democrats refusing to support the ‘Born Alive’ bill on full term abortions, is it any wonder why they would want to mask all of this? People knowing the full scale of just how far they’ve taken abortion, certainly wouldn’t serve their agenda. They don’t even want you to know if abortion increases the risk of future miscarriages. Sit with that for a moment.

In a recent interview on Dark to Light with Frank & Beanz, Vorhies described that Google’s tampering wasn’t exclusive to the United States, and in fact, had caused disruption in Brazil and Ireland as well. He stated that while Ireland was pushing for new abortion legislation, google assisted by suppressing searches pertaining to it.

These are only two groups of keyword search terms from the 40-page Blacklist. Other popular search terms the Blacklist includes are searches for the Santa Fe shooting, Texas shooter, Parkland shooting, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Pizzagate, New York city bomber, crisis actors, and countless others that people were seeking more information on. Essentially, they do not want you to research or have knowledge of anything they wish to sweep under the rug, or flat out lie about.

They especially don’t want you digging into Planned Parenthood, who recently chose to leave the federal Title X family planning program so they don’t have to comply with the new rules issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that prohibit Title X grantees from providing or referring patients for abortion, except in cases of incest, rape or medical emergency. In short, tax payers are no longer funding abortions.

Of course, numerous pro-abortion advocates such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi, immediately got on board with the “spin” to seed people’s minds with a fear-mongering false narrative.

Nancy Pelosi

With their unethical #TitleX gag rule, the Trump Admin is forcing @PPFA grantees out of the program & ending access to birth control & reproductive health care for women w/ nowhere else to turn. The House has passed legislation to block this rule, the Senate must now do the same.

Let’s be very clear. None of this ends “access” to birth control and reproductive health care. Planned Parenthood will continue on with abortions and all other forms of birth control, but they will no longer receive federal funding. Their benefactors have deep pockets with big agendas and they never needed funding from taxpayers in the first place.

Google Backed Hillary Clinton in More Ways Than One

Google has long been a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Former Alphabet/Google CEO Eric Schmidt made this clear in his email to Hillary Clinton’s former assistant Cheryl Mills, when he talked about his “campaign ideas” and gearing up for 2016.

In fact, they were one of Hillary’s top donors, contributing over $331, 873, only second to Dreamworks who contributed $2,013,500.

But here’s where google went above and beyond to protect Hillary. They literally changed the astronomical search volume for “Clinton body count” to appear as though no one was searching it. Google whistleblower Zachary Vorhies broke down in his recent article, that if one were to type in “Clinton body c” google omits every prediction and delivers nothing.

Ironically, if one were to search “Trump body c” it autocompletes with “Trump body count,” which is silly because no one is searching that.

According to Google, if there isn’t a search prediction than no one is searching for that term. Yet, Google’s other service “Google Trends” clearly shows a significant search volume for “Clinton body count.” It’s easy enough to cross-reference between their “trends” tool and their autocomplete predictions to see for oneself just how biased Google is.

As Vorhies points out, Google’s official position is, “We do not utilize blacklists or whitelists in our search results to favor political outcomes… that’s not – doesn’t happen.”

Vorhies, like many others, believe that Google and YouTube heads are likely operating under instruction from individuals outside the company itself. Without putting words into anyone’s mouths, most would probably agree that those individuals connect to high-level deep state players whom have orchestrated some of the most unconscionable events in our history.

But it gets worse. Due to Google’s manipulations, it impacted election votes by 2.6 – 10.4 million in Hillary Clinton’s favor. This detail created a twitter storm, when Trump took to twitter on August 19, 2019 to point this fact out.

Twitter Storm Ensued between President Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Dr. Robert Epstein Over Google’s Impact on Elections

On August 19, 2019, a ferocious twitter storm ensued between President Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Dr. Robert Epstein. It was really quite a show to witness, and not only did Dr. Epstein hold his own, he took Hillary all the way to the bank and left her standing penniless.

It began with a tweet by President Trump regarding Google’s interference in the elections. Hillary came back with a wise crack that was so off base, Dr. Robert Epstein went on a tweet storm – understandable so.

Whereas President Trump’s numbers were a bit escalated from the report itself, Hillary delivered two flat-out lies, which is par for the course. Google’s manipulative tactics pushed 2.6 – 10.4 million votes in Hillary’s favor.

Dr. Epstein took to twitter calling out Hillary on her lies.


#Hillary: If my work has been “debunked,” why was it included in a volume just published by #Oxford U.? Why have I been invited to speak about it at prestigious venues worldwide: #Stanford U., #Yale Law School (where both you & Bill went), even our #Senate (where you served)?

Not only did he put her in her place, he posted all the facts, including his 28-page report titled ‘Why Google Poses a Serious Threat to Democracy, and How to End That Threat’ that was submitted before the United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution on Tuesday, June 16, 2019. He posted his reports on Taming Big Tech and The New Censorship, and he went on Fox News declaring:

Eric Schmidt of Alphabet/Google offered to head up her tech campaign and setup a secretive organization called The Groundwork, to put her into office.

Analysis came because I Preserved 13, 207 election related searches and the 98,044 web pages to which the search results linked. This was a big sophisticated analysis.

Dr. Robert Epstein suggests that Google poses three serious threats to humanity:
1) An obscene level of surveillance across 200+ platforms.
2) The power to determine what content 2+ billion can or cannot see.
3) Invisible manipulation on a massive scale.

In regard to the impact it has on elections, Epstein stated, “Bottom line: biased search results can easily produce shifts in the opinions and voting preference of undecided voters by 20 percent or more –up to 80 percent in some demographic groups….In the weeks leading up to the 2018 election, bias in Google’s search results may have shifted upwards of 78.2 million votes to the candidates of one political party (spread across hundreds of local and regional races.)”

And just to be sure he didn’t miss a beat, he did an interview with The Epoch Times, which was a one-hour segment including Google whistleblowers Greg Coppola, and Zachary Vorhies.

Dr. Robert Epstein, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Psychologist for the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, the former editor-in-chief at Psychology Today, and has authored 15 books.

“My recent research demonstrates that Google’s “autocomplete” search suggestions can turn a 50/50 split among undecided voters into a 90/10 split without people’s awareness.”

As quickly as this whirlwind of whistleblowers and information was hitting the public, Techcrunch published an article titled ‘States to launch antitrust investigation into big tech companies, reports say,’ indicating that the state attorneys in more than a dozen states are preparing to begin an antitrust investigation of the tech giants. This came one months after the Department of Justice announced their antitrust review of how big tech platforms are using their power.

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