It’s Happening

It’s Happening by Corey Lynn for Corey’s Digs

Time finally stood still. Can you feel it? It’s happening. They can’t move forward, nor can they go back. It may seem as though they are moving forward with their charades, their agendas, their attempts to run this world into the ground, but they are standing still – motionless, trapped, constrained. It’s happening.

It’s all sound effects now. Chatter. Words. Microcosms milling about with nowhere to go. Their anger will heighten, their rage will splinter, and their actions will grow more disjointed. They know they have lost but they are not ready to let go. They fight because it is all they know.

They are displaced. These synchronistic moves they’ve made with great precision have lost their luster and there are no more maneuvers. It’s only a matter of time now. There is no need to race one another to disclose this unraveling. It’s already happened. We are observing the hangover, and riding it out with them, while pointing out every misstep and every hillacious act along the way.

It will amplify. Get noisier. Turn the volume down. It’s just noise. Hit mute on occasion. They are a broken record with a skip of the needle – just a few more skips and the music will end – for them. The harm, the hate, the twisted deceptions and fate – are no longer ours to bear. Their operations will cease, and there are many. It will take some time to bring a halt to all. Some will hide. Others will choose their own demise. But the music will end – for them.

It’s happening. And as we shift from unraveling into a new dynamic it will be up to the people to create a new reality. It is the choice of each person whether to choose hate, vengeance, or love. I choose love. What will you choose?

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