Operation Mockingbird: Are You Too White?

Operation Mockingbird: Are You Too White? by Rory for The Daily Coin

Normally, I don’t touch this type of nonsensical garbage simply because at the end of the day it serves absolutely no purpose except to create division. That is the sole purpose of the article I found this morning while skipping happily along the trail trying to find something of value to inform you that are looking for real news, useful information and ideas to better protect your family. This nonsense is far over the edge it required my attention.

Just to be clear – this is a “public service” to let anyone with two brain cells see for themselves how over the top the propaganda has become about white genocide, white guilt and how science is of zero value when feelings are involved. Since feelings are involved in every aspect of life, well, you see the problem right there. The argument this person makes is beyond the pale and he is not afraid to drop an “F” bomb or two in spreading this illusion of reality.

This person, a self proclaimed queer, conveniently leaves out the fact that black / brown people, primarily muslims in the middle east and Africa, to this day hold white people as slaves and there is an open-aire slave market, right now, in Libya. Muslims have held slaves, black, brown and white, way longer than fewer than 200 years that it existed in the U.S.. But, never mind those pesky facts, we have feelings to manipulate.

Have you ever seen the pyramids in Egypt, either a photo or live in person? You know the pyramids in Egypt, yeah those pyramids that were built, supposedly, with slave labor. Those slaves were not held captive by white people, but by dark skinned people who enslaved other dark skinned people – thousands upon thousands of them. What color skin is the right color to have? What type of argument can be made about race when all the arguments are racist? “Well white people are bad and brown people are good.” is totally, absolutely 100% racist in every shape, form and word spoken. As soon as a person sees skin color their entire argument becomes racist at that moment. Try again, sparky.

If you decide to read this please keep in mind it would be almost impossible for us to disagree more with this persons conclusions.

Why I Stopped Being White (and You Should Too)  for Counter Punch

Race is a touchy subject in the West. People across the aisle, especially white folk, tend to avoid it like a plague. A big part of the reason behind this reservation has to do with the fact that both the left and the right maintain an equally immature grasp on the subject. While the right seems to be convinced that race is some kind of scientific fact like a species of bird, the left seems to view it as an inescapable historical prison sentence with no hope for escape. Like usual, the left is wrong and the right is way fucking wrong. There is nothing scientific or permanent about race. It is a social construct as fluid in nature as gender or sexuality, and it is constantly evolving. Almost every known race was created by a collision of former races that have ceased to exist. About the only thing that the clueless class in the left-right paradigm gets right is that the white race is a very unique creature, and a dangerous one.

The white race is unique in that it is the first defining race of the imperial era and modern day imperialism defines its very existence. The Western Europeans designed the concept of whiteness to justify their expanse and enslavement of the New World and it’s dark skinned cousins across the Global South. As the insatiable nature of capitalism demanded endless expansion, it’s moneyed mandarins required the creation of a new super-class to rationalize the enslavement of the darker nations. This concept became even more necessary with American independence and the fall of monarchism.

This new white aristocracy replaced the royal bloodline and shaped the very nature of the planet’s economic ecosystem. The First World was created with the excess wealth pillaged from the Third World, and it’s subjects soon became victims of new races invented to further empower the white race. The colored races of black and Latino were constructed to both consolidate white supremacy’s ill-gotten gains and to rob the many tribes that made up these racial monoliths of color of their diverse indigenous cultures. The white race is unique, not simply by the Machiavellian nature of its design, but by the necessity of its supremacy over other similarly constructed mass races to justify its very existence. But like most imperial schemes, white supremacy backfired.

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