Graham Will Advise AG Barr On Rollout Of Russia Trump Docs. They Must Be Made Public.

Graham Will Advise AG Barr On Rollout Of Russia Trump Docs. They Must Be Made Public. By Sara Carter

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday, he will meet with Department of Justice Attorney General William Barr this week to advise on the public rollout of classified documents pertaining to the FBI’s investigation into President Trump and Russia.

The documents, which President Trump gave Barr full authority to declassify, were turned over earlier this year but have still not been made public. Those document include the redacted sections of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act applications on former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page, the Gang of Eight classified binder briefing documents pertaining to the investigation, FBI interviews with former British spy Christopher Steele, as well as a slew of other documents.

Graham noted that Americans deserve to know the truth about the now debunked FBI investigation into Trump Russia collusion and the extent of which it was politicized by former senior official within the Obama Administration. Graham has also promised that his committee will do an extensive investigation of alleged abuses by those officials.

“I’m going to meet the attorney general this week to talk to him about how best to tell the story,” said Graham. “I don’t want people to conjecture as to what happened. I want you to read it.”

It is absolutely imperative that Barr share the information with the public, numerous congressional lawmakers involved in various committees told this reporter. I couldn’t agree more with Graham and the other Republican lawmakers, like Rep. Devin Nunes, that the documents be made public.

America should not be kept in the shadows and the only way to fully understand the extent of which intelligence and federal law enforcement were weaponized against Trump is to make the documents public. The FISA application and the Gang of Eight briefing materials will reveal that the secret court, known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, had not been given exculpatory evidence that Page was not working or conspiring with Russia. There are also numerous concerns that exculpatory information on former Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopolous was also withheld from the courts.

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