Church Offerings – Essence of Collapse

Church Offerings – Essence of Collapse by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

This entire year, literally, beginning on January 3, 2019, I have focused primarily on the Essence of Collapse. Our society is collapsing around us and for those with eyes to see and ears to hear it is terrifying. Seeing our neighborhoods, communities, family, friends and colleagues, literally, die in the streets should be a wake up call for believers, but sadly, this is not the case. The reason I say this with such conviction is simple. Look at these handful of reports, with a new one scheduled for release in the next few days, and tell me which part is being addressed by believers. Which city is being descended upon by the five campuses of this church or the three campuses of that church – nowhere is this happening when it should be happening. every. single. day.

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Does your church offer mission work at the local Rescue Mission? What about a halfway house or drug addiction program? Does your church offer any local mission opportunities for the parishioners or are most of their mission efforts off shored? What role, if any, do you play in these offerings?

Have you seen the images and stories about the homelessness in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Portland and Seattle? Did you know that New York City and Austin, Tx are rapidly transforming into the next San Fransisco? What about all the daily, weekly, monthly murders in Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit?

Left Behind: Homeless Crisis in San Francisco

When do we, as believers and regular attendees of weekly church service, begin to act like Jesus Christ? When do we begin taking care of our own?

Yes, I could go to Israel or some other nation and help spread the gospel and you can as well. Maybe you already have, maybe you are planning a trip halfway round the world to help spread the gospel. Caring for our own has reached epidemic levels and no one is addressing it. It is a humanitarian crisis that is completely ignored by the corporate press, independent media and, most importantly, the Christian community. It seems as if Tucker Carlson and myself are the only two people taking this issue seriously. Maybe I’m wrong, and I pray to God that I am, but tell me where there is a mass effort being made the Christian community to address any one of the nine cities listed above and the moral decay on display for the world to see. Where is the outcry?

On The Other Hand…

Let’s say it cost $3,000 for someone to travel to another country to spend 4-5 nights (3-4 days) spreading the gospel, helping with a water system, building this structure or that structure. The $3,000 is just an individuals expense for airfare, accommodations and food, possibly a small portion would be counted as a donation to the project.

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