Chainsaw and Emergency Medical Trauma Kit Should Always Go Together

Chainsaw and Emergency Medical Trauma Kit Should Always Go Together by  for Modern Survival Blog

A chainsaw is a highly dangerous and potentially deadly tool! I attended a Forestry first aid class awhile back which emphasized this reality, and why you need a chainsaw trauma kit.

The instructor put out a statistic that Forestry Operations is the #1 most dangerous occupation. And traumatic bleeding is of highest concern.

I’m typing this reminder today because I’m going out later with my chainsaw. A few trees came down (leaners) from last winter’s storms on a part of the property near a hunting tree stand. Got to get that area ready.

I have been working in the forest for years with my chainsaw. It is WAY TOO EASY to become COMPLACENT! All it takes is one unforeseen mistake, a sudden kickback, or a broken chain, (among other things) to cause traumatic disaster.

So there are several questions to ask yourself before walking out the door:

Where am I going and does anyone else know?
What are the hazards (e.g. the chainsaw)?
Who will take care of me if something happens?

It is HIGHLY ADVISABLE to have another person with you while out with a chainsaw. If that’s not possible, it sure would be a good idea to let someone know where you’ll be and when you expect to get back. If I’m out by myself, I take a 2-way radio, my cell phone, and a small trauma kit (see below).

The hazards of using a chainsaw are potentially grave. So to mitigate that fact, be sure your equipment is in very good operating condition. Wear protective clothing (chainsaw chaps) and gear (helmet with face screen, chainsaw gloves). AND, ALWAYS BRING A TRAUMA BLEEDING KIT.

The emphasis of this article is the chainsaw trauma kit. It should always be with you when you have a chainsaw. Survival is up to you. Nobody else.

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