The Great Breath

The Great Breath by JC Collins for Philosophy of Metrics

The purpose of human existence, the curriculum of man and spirit, is on the reunification with the eternal and immutable law, which henceforth shall be called deity; rules which govern the cyclic nature of exhalation and inhalation, creation and destruction, light and darkness.






And so, it was that the first experience of a man was that of a boy tethered to the earth but blowing in the wind.  Oh thou, of patient heart and weary new bones.  Set forth upon the journey laid before thee.  Harken not to the echoes of the past but leap from life to life in joyous sorrow.

Shapes and forms dance in the shadows. Action figures bring fellowship; loneliness, awareness.

Confusion for years through mindless existence.  Grow.  Learn.  Do what others have taught thee to do.  Be what others want thee to be.   Thou.  Thou lost in darkness.

The tether breaks and boy loses’ grip on that which was once secure.  Once comforting.  Once constricting.  Earth moves like ocean and the wind carries him aloft.  Above the maelstrom.  Above desire.

Now in the wilderness, the boy, now a man, sits cross-legged in the snow.  Whistling the great hymn of the rootless root and forever now.  A kind of music which draws down to earth the glow of the aurora borealis.  With each whistle the green lights dance amongst the evergreens as man, like Mozart, conducts a great opera which is silent but also deafening.

Fingers moan as face vanishes.  The snow melts and the ground springs forth with newness and life.  A low vibration runs through all things and the light above now comes from within.  Body feeds earth and eyes turn to wine.

And so, it was that the last experience of a boy was that of a man stretching to the limitless edge of the edgeless Absolute.  If light could be a solid than this is what it would feel like.  Be like.  Inhalation followed by silence.



– JC


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