What’s Next For Gold And Silver?

What’s Next For Gold And Silver? By ETF Daily News via Investing


  • Gold rises to the highest price since 2013
  • Silver trades north of $17 per ounce
  • A pullback is possible, but the trend is your friend


After gold and silver reached highs in 1980, the prices took a back seat for almost one-quarter of one century when it comes fiat currency instruments. The dollar, euro, yen, and all of the other foreign exchange instruments derive value from the full faith and credit of the governments that print legal tender and mint coins. The rise of currencies and the fall of precious metals reached a crescendo at the end of the last century. At the same time, gold and silver reached their nadir.

London is the hub of the international bullion market. It is ironic that the event that marked the low in the perception of gold as currency came when the United Kingdom liquidated half of its gold reserves. The sale of approximately 300 tons of the metal took the price to a low of around $255 per ounce. In hindsight, the sale was a watershed event.

Gold has long been a currency, and if the yellow metal is the psychological equivalent of banknotes, silver is the change in our pockets. Since the early 2000s, the precious metals have been making a comeback since gold traded to the $250 level and silver to just over $4 per ounce in 2001. The most liquid ETF products in the gold and silver market that hold physical metal are the SPDR® Gold Shares (NYSE:GLD) and the iShares Silver (NYSE:SLV). Between the two, they hold $43.65 billion in the two metals as of Friday, August 9.

Gold rises to the highest price since 2013

Last week, gold made another in a series of new highs since the price broke out above the level of critical technical resistance at $1377.50 per ounce. The week of August 5 was a wild time in markets across all asset classes. Stocks moved lower and then recovered. China devalued the yuan, which fell to seven to one against the US dollar. The US made the symbolic move of designating China as a currency manipulator. Gold followed through on the upside after putting in a bullish reversal on the weekly chart the previous week.

Gold Weekly Chart

Gold Weekly Chart

The weekly chart shows that the yellow metal rose to a high at $1509.90 per ounce, the highest price since April 2013. The price settled last Friday at just under the $1500 level. The yellow metal has been on fire.

Silver trades north of $17 per ounce

Silver Weekly Chart

Silver Weekly Chart

During the week of July 15, silver reached a milestone when it rose to a new high for 2019. While the metal has not come close to its 2016 high, it broke a bearish pattern of lower highs and lower lows that had been in place since the year that the price traded at just over the $21 per ounce level.

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