Petition Started Against P&G’s Pampers “Smart” Diapers

Petition Started Against P&G’s Pampers “Smart” Diapers by  for Activist Post

Activist Post recently reported about the dangers associated with babies wearing P&G’s “Smart” Diapers.  Many health experts including The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) warn kids are more vulnerable to exposure to all sources of wireless radiation.

No safe level of exposure has even been determined for children or pregnant women.  Earlier this year 250 scientists signed a petition warning against numerous products that emit Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation.  This now includes “Smart” diapers which are also being manufactured and marketed by Huggies.

Still aren’t convinced this isn’t risky?  For many years now telecom companies have been warning shareholders may eventually be held liable for lawsuits with their devices.

Thanks to Families Advocating for Chemical & Toxics Safety (FACTS): for starting this petition.  The poop has officially hit the fan.

Source – Activist Post – where this article first appeared.

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