WHISTLE BLOWER: Big Tech Will Swing The Election in 2020

WHISTLE BLOWER: Big Tech Will Swing The Election in 2020 by  for Modern Survival Blog

TDC Note – It’s testimony as presented by Robert Epstein, that works in concert with all the undercover work Project Veritas has done over the past several years that has the attention of President Trump. Not only is the President seriously looking at this situation you have several members of congress that are 100% on board with stripping the “big 4” of their protective status as a platform and not a publisher. I have been saying, and others are not in agreement, that RICCO and Anti-Trust laws need to be invoked against these satanic globalist companies. Shut them down, strip all the management of their wealth and black list them from being able to operate in any capacity of the technology industry. These people have committed crimes against humanity that are, currently, intangible but as time goes by their crimes will be well known. Unfortunately, by that time it will be far too late.


The absolute power of Silicon Valley ‘Big-Tech’ (Google, Facebook, Twitter). It should be extremely alarming to everyone. Regardless of one’s political orientation.

Are you are at all curious or concerned about it?

Watch the following 7 minute video clip from c-span. It may stun you.

Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist at American Institute for Behavioral Research.

He himself is very much a democrat. Because he is so concerned with his scientific study results, he’s blowing the whistle on Big-Tech as seen in the following Senate Hearing.

He concludes:

  • Google can manipulate 2.6 Million to 10.4 Million votes
  • Unknowingly to the voter
  • Easily swing an election

Epstein is convinced. Big-Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter) will be ALL-IN for the democrat nominee in 2020.

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