Prepping Goes Mainstream But New Study Misses The Big Picture Of Why Survivalists Prepare For ‘Doomsday’

Prepping Goes Mainstream But New Study Misses The Big Picture Of Why Survivalists Prepare For ‘Doomsday’ By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

It appears that prepping is “now part of mainstream American politics and culture,” according to a new study, and lo and behold they have determined that it is no longer “considered peculiar behavior only exhibited by conspiracy theorists and other extremists in the United States,” and preppers and survivalists should no longer be considered right-wing “crazy or delusional” people.

The problem with the study is they based the premise of it on the rise of prepping “during Barack Obama’s presidency,” rather than looking at the prepping movement as a whole, which began long before Barack Obama came on to the national political scene.

In fact, people like Steve Quayle promoted the idea of being prepared for any possible scenario, over two decades ago, and over the course of the last few decades, more and more people have learned that being prepared isn’t a “fringe” notion, but will literally save lives.



The researchers out of the UK spoke to preppers in 18 U.S. states to determine their motivations for stockpiling food and supplies, and found “most preppers don’t believe the world will end tomorrow or a giant meteor will hit the earth at any moment, they simply want to be prepared for anything ‘just in case’ something terrible happens.”

According to Mills, these preppers believe that if the worse were to happen, the government’s response simply wouldn’t be adequate and many people would be left to fend for themselves.

“Rather than seeing prepping as an exception within America’s right-wing political culture, we ought to see it as being reflective of increasingly established and popular outlooks,” Mills comments.

The researchers list the possible scenarios that preppers prepare for, as “possible economic depressions, terrorist attacks, cyber-attacks, pandemics, or environmental disasters.”

So far, so good, until the researchers try to delve into the minds of preppers, from another country I might add, and conclude that it is a “culture of fear” that motivates preppers.

Researchers interviewed preppers from 18 U.S. states and asked about their motivations for stockpiling food and supplies. The results indicated that, although most did seem to be conservative and fear liberal policies, the main reason behind their motivations was the overall sense of fear currently dominating U.S. culture across a variety of media channels. Most Americans can’t seem to log online or turn on the television without being hit by a grim view of the future being reported or speculated on.

They had me up until that point, because while I do not claim to speak for all preppers regarding motivation, I do come at the prepping mindset as someone that grew up in South Florida, where every year before hurricane season, we put up the shutters, stockpiled canned goods and prepared for the possibility of a major storm.

Note: That preparation came in very handy after Hurricane Andrew back in 1992, where we cooked using Sterno, utilized our Hurricane lanterns, and didn’t have to fight our way through the zombies at Walmart, or the panic shoppers that suddenly decided they needed ice, water and canned goods, lanterns, etc…… after the fact.

It is not “fear” that motivates the majority of preppers, it the belief that if you are prepared for the worst, there is no need to be fearful of anything less than a direct hit, because you have supplies and basic necessities needed to survive.



The reason I stated above that the problem with the study is the premise of a rise in prepping under the Obama presidency, rather than looking at the longer-term movement, is the following statement by one of the study’s authors, Dr. Mills:

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