Jeffrey Epstein IS DEAD – No One Is Buying The Official Story! (Video)

Jeffrey Epstein IS DEAD – No One Is Buying The Official Story! Video by World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports from Venice, Italy on the death of Jeffrey Epstein by alleged suicide.

Epstein, a billionaire fund manager has made massive headlines for years (even spending time in prison 10 years ago) for trafficking underage girls and being heavily connected to some of the top elites in Washington, banking, entertainment and the private sector.

Acosta who recently resigned from Trump’s cabinet gave Epstein a sweetheart plea deal ten years ago and when questioned by the transition team for Trump, claimed that he was told to lay off Epstein as he was an intelligence asset.

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Bill Clinton spent long periods of time without secret service on Epstein’s famous Lolita Express plane and spent a lot of time on his island as well.

Epstein was due to testify and one day after documents were revealed implicating royalty like Prince Andrew and many others, he was found dead
of apparent suicide after telling guards that someone attempted to kill him following being found unconscious of an alleged suicide attempt in July.
Everything is wrong with this story and the vast majority of people on both sides are seeing through this as an obvious coverup.

A lot of people were to be exposed most likely and so it makes sense that they’d get rid of him. But whoever DID get rid of him (we are assuming of course) would have had to make a tricky decision as the vast majority of people were making Clinton jokes about Epstein for years, especially in the past month.

This is causing millions to second guess the establishment and ask some very important questions.

We do not have answers, but the questions are incredibly important to finding these answers.

We will continue to follow this story as more information comes out. Of course the FBI and DOJ are investigating this so-called suicide. That of course is absurd as they are being accused of doing the crime in the first place. This is what we call a colossal mess.

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