Corporate Media, Politicians and Control: The Essence of Collapse Pt IV

Corporate Media, Politicians and Control: The Essence of Collapse Pt IV by Rory for The Daily Coin

We have had a full week of lies, deception, politicians screaming and corporate media “personalities” calling us everything from nazi to haters, of course, we’re racist, and even one idiot lying about President Trump calling for the extermination of people. Liars and control freaks each and every one. They lie to us endlessly – corporate media types and politicians alike. That’s their job – lie to us and control us, especially our emotions.

Class warfare? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Tucker Carlson has finally begun discussing the reality of the attacks on language and he delivered, this past week, another of the missing pieces of the collapse puzzle. Racism, racist and nazi are the buzzwords to keep us off balance to ignore the fact we are talking about a class war. The filthy satanic globalist, and their minions in Hollywood and on TV, us these three words, in particular, to get people emotionally charged and therefore, not thinking about, and especially not discussing how the uber wealthy are stealing everything not currently nailed down. They especially want your life. If you don’t believe me explain to me why those loving Hollywood people would think making a movie about hunting people would be a good idea?

Rat Infested, Third World Conditions: The Essence of Collapse

Statistically, you are more likely to be killed by a doctor than be involved – not even killed – in a “mass shooting” or any type of gun related accident. Statistically, you are more likely to be killed by cancer, someone wielding a hammer or an auto accident, than a “mass shooting” or any type of gun related accident. The hysteria being whipped up corporate media and politicians is designed to do one thing – control you. Control your thoughts, control your emotions and get you to bow down before them and hand over your guns. Stay aware and don’t fall for their tricks. Both groups are known liars why would you trust or believe or give the time-of-day to a known liar? If I were to walk up to you begin spewing lies you would, probably, call me out and walk away. Why not do this with these filthy, satanic globalist?

The Essence of Collapse Part II

Where a person banks; where a person shops online; where a person purchases their groceries; where a person eats when they go out. All of these situations matter. If I’m not supporting those that support the community where I live – mom-and-pop entities – then I am part of the problem. Actually, I am the problem. It’s not about racism or nazism or white supremacy – it’s about class warfare. The filthy satanic globalist are stealing everything they haven’t stolen already and they need bigger and bigger distractions because they are coming for what remains. It is easier for us to see that someone is taking what remains when there is so little left in the cupboard. So…make a really big splash, blanket it in emotional triggers stacked to the sky, get us off balance and these cretans can steal another trillion or two dollars worth of our wealth. Can you say FASAB 56? If you can’t you better learn how, and learn quick.

We had better speak up about what Trump is saying when he is discussing coming for our guns. If he puts in place “red flag” laws or “sensible gun laws” we need to push back as hard as possible. The problem is the language. These laws, like all the bills, acts and laws over the past 50 years use incredibly vague, broad based language that creates a dragnet effect and most anything, anyone or any situation can be caught. If “red flag” laws are passed, I can assure you, there will be a number of people that fall victim to swatting almost instantly. Swatting will become the next craze.

Swatting is an internet prank/crime where someone finds your address either through your IP or because your name and location is known.Then they call 911 anonymously and report a fake emergency. Ex,someone can call and say that someone at that address is being held at a gun point or someone is going to commit suicide and a SWAT team would be dispatched to the address. Source

Girl friend / boy friend upset about something you said? Wife / Husband / lover upset because of an affair or some other situation? Well, guess what? If it is reported to the police / authorities that person being reported just lost their right to own a weapon. Never again will that person be able to acquire and own, legally, any type of firearm. Do you think there are people that would do this maliciously? Yeah, they would.

The silent majority needs to speak up. The silent majority is being overrun by a very small group of out-of-control children, with weapons, a megaphone and are fully supported by corporate media, the democratic party and republican party. Remember what happened at Mitch McConnell’s private residence and Tucker Carlson’s private residence? It was about 10 people total – when I say a very small group of out-of-control children I mean exactly that.

If the silent majority continues to allow these extremely dangerous thugs to get away with these crimes our neighborhoods are going to look much different in a very short period of time. And guess what? The filthy, satanic globalist will be laughing all the way to the bank with our remaining wealth.

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Tucker Carlson Explains The Essence of Collapse

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