Big Tech wants you DEAD: Amazon caught removing documentaries about how to stay healthy and prevent disease naturally

Big Tech wants you DEAD: Amazon caught removing documentaries about how to stay healthy and prevent disease naturally by:  for Natural News

Ever since California Democrat Adam Schiff wrote a letter to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos back on March 1 demanding to know what he was planning to do about all of the “medically inaccurate” information on his site, the world’s largest online retailer has been actively scrubbing all sorts of books, videos, and other media that deal with concepts like natural health and wellness.

“Anti-vaccine” documentaries such as Vaxxed, as we reported, have already been removed by Amazon. And we’re now learning that films about cancer and HIV are also being pulled, simply because they contradict the official narrative that Big Pharma and the medical industry as we currently know it have all the answers about how to stay healthy.

According to reports, Cancer Can Be Killed, Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up, and Behind the Fear: The Hidden Story of HIV, were all recently axed from Amazon’s Prime Video service as part of the Bezos censorship sweep – and this is in addition to Amazon’s earlier removal of not only Vaxxed, but also Shoot ‘Em Up: The Truth About Vaccines and Man-Made Epidemic, both of which also deal with the issue of vaccines being unsafe and ineffective.

Amazon also doesn’t want its customers to know about the many cases in which families have been targeted by the medical-industrial complex for refusing deadly treatments like chemotherapy, for instance, which is why it removed Flipping The Script: When Parents Fight Back, a documentary about parents who are trying to fight back against forced chemotherapy for their cancer-diagnosed children.

Another truth that Flipping The Script reveals, and that Amazon doesn’t want you to know about, is that families who are successful in fighting back against Big Pharma and the drug-based medical machine that supports it often use nutrition and detoxification strategies to successfully overcome cancer without the poison – this information being a huge threat to the chemical industry.

“Estimated revenue from child cancer treatment is $65 million per day,” one report explains, calculating that the average treatment regimen for a child with cancer is now $1.5 million, assuming that child is forced into conventional chemotherapy and/or radiation.

As for Root Cause, this now-banned film deals with the issue root canals, which are largely a scam due to the fact that they’re a known cause of cancer – meaning that if people stopped getting them, the cancer industry would suffer financially.

“All of these films have one thing in common … they threaten the massive financial windfalls these medical industries are making,” explains Humans Are Free.

“And for the first time in history, the government and medical establishment are willing to violate the constitution and the right of free speech for filmmakers.”

The mainstream media is obviously colluding with Big Tech to push the anti-free speech censorship of minority voices in natural health and wellness

Since natural health is still arguably a minority-held position in America, what multinational corporations like Amazon are doing by censoring this information is imposing anti-free speech tyranny against minority voices – with the convenient help of the mainstream media and establishment politics, it’s important to note.

“Curious in this cover up and censorship is the media’s lapdog status in reporting whatever these behind the scenes executives want,” reveals Humans Are Free.

“Because the articles are coming out virtually the same day or within days of the removal, it’s clear that somebody is contacting the media to report on these removals.”

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