Tucker Carlson Tonight 8/7/19 (Video) plus Hannity / De Blasio

Tucker Carlson Tonight 8/7/19 (Video) plus Hannity / De Blasio from Fox News

This is another one of those Tucker Carlson shows that proves he is on the right track and will not be deterred. The opening 7-8 minutes are must watch minutes followed by an incredible blood boiling hour of info.

The communist party in America, formerly the DNC, is so far out of control and their owners, corporate media, are nothing short of treasonous, criminal filth. Not even sure if these people are redeemable at this point. What is demonstrated, beyond question, is the fact corporate media has killed itself. No one told these animals to become the mouth piece for the communist party, and this is why no one trust them and why real people that attend Trump rallies chant “fake news” and boo them out of the building.

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Professor: Not all liberals support disarmament

If you think the former DNC are not communist watch this interview and explain to me who these represent.

Hannity grills NYC Mayor De Blasio in explosive interview

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