SOLUTIONS!! MAGA Supporters Clean 12 Tons Of Trash From West Baltimore Streets

SOLUTIONS!! MAGA Supporters Clean 12 Tons Of Trash From West Baltimore Streets from ZeroHedge



Update: Who could have guessed? The left is angry that a Trump-supporter would dare to visit Baltimore and help improve the situation

Presler was quick to reply:

“I can’t even imagine what would cause a person to be mad at us for helping to clean up Baltimore.

Instead of criticizing us, how about putting on some gloves to pick up trash”

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As we deatiled earlier, hundreds of MAGA supporters participated in a massive cleanup effort earlier this week in West Baltimore, inspired by President Trump’s tweets, along with a conservative activist who organized the event in Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district.

According to WBAL-TV Baltimore, 300 volunteers on Aug. 5 took to the streets of northwest Baltimore, cleaning up trash from alleyways in an “Americans Helping Americans” event organized by conservative activist Scott Presler.

Starting at 7 am at the intersection of North Fulton Avenue and Westwood Avenue (highest per capita homicide rate in the country), hundreds gathered to lend a hand in “Making Baltimore Great Again.” About 12 hours later, volunteers collected more than 12 tons of trash, almost 1 ton per hour, in a massive cleanup effort in hopes to revive the dying city.

Many of the volunteers were from other states, such as Ohio, and North Carolina, and most of them traveled from abroad because they heard about the cleanup effort on Presler’s social media channels.

“I never intended it to turn into a national event. It was never supposed to be this big,” Presler told The Epoch Times.

Presler, who said he is proud to wear the MAGA hat, is a grassroots right-wing activist who has several hundred thousand followers on social media.

“I’m a big Trump supporter, but I wanted people to know that’s not the reason we’re coming here today. This is not a pro-Trump rally, and this is not an anti-Rep. Cummings rally,” Presler said. “This is truly the community coming together.”

Some Baltimoreans were thankful for the cleanup effort since they said the city had neglected their neighborhoods for decades.

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