Trump Trade, Fed Cut, Trump Wins in Court

Trump Trade, Fed Cut, Trump Wins in Court by Greg Hunter for USA Watchdog

Trump hit China with new tariffs this week on $300 billion of goods. His trade negotiation team came back from China without a deal and no deal in site. The tariffs go along with the 25% tariffs already on more than $200 billion in Chinese made goods. They say consumers in America are paying for it, but Trump says China is paying. According to one economist, it amounts to only .1% in higher prices. So, there is not much damage being done no matter what the MSM is saying.  What is trump really up to on China Trade?

The Fed cut a key rate by .25% this week as an “insurance cut,” and the market sold off. President Trump has said the Fed has not done enough and has been critical of the Fed raising rates for the past year. Are more rate cuts coming? Experts like Gregory Mannarino of say yes. Is the economy in worse shape than people think?

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Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of “The Solari Report,” will be the guest on the 2 part Early Sunday Release.



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