A Man Died Just 48 Hours After Contracting a Flesh-eating Bacteria from Waters in Florida

A Man Died Just 48 Hours After Contracting a Flesh-eating Bacteria from Waters in Florida from Humans Are Free

Each summer, as the waters along the U.S coastline, heat up, cases of flesh-eating bacteria become prevalent. These parasites can act quickly and may be deadly. While there are many different types of flesh-eating bacteria, in many cases Vibrio vulnificus is at fault.

This bacteria can be contracted by exposing a wound with contaminated water or handling raw shellfish. Vibrio vulnificus is one of over 20 species of Vibrio which cause vibriosis, which is responsible for an estimated 80,000 illnesses and 100 deaths in the United States each year.

Most infections occur between May and October. (1) Those with a compromised immune system or liver disease are more likely to get an infection and severe complications. (2)

Recently, a man from Tennessee died just 48 hours after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria from waters in Florida, the family had spent several days in the water, at a beach in Destin, and Boggy Bayou.

After spending time in the water, his daughter, Cheryl reported that her father began to complain about fever, chills, and some cramping. After his symptoms worsened, he was taken to a hospital back in Memphis.

Less than 48 hours after getting out of the water, the bacteria known as Vibrio vulnificus had manifested into necrotizing fasciitis – flesh-eating disease.

Cheryl noted in her story, which went viral, that there were no warnings or posted advisories about any bacteria in the water. She says that her father would likely still be alive today if they had known the dangers.

Symptoms of Vibrio Vulnificus Infection

When ingested, symptoms typically of bacteria exposure occur within 24 hours and last about three days: (1)

  • Watery diarrhea
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Chills

If this bacteria is exposed to an open wound, symptoms will manifest as spreading soft tissue infections. (3) The infection spreads very quickly, and it is crucial to act immediately when the first signs are noticed.

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