We Have Become ‘The United States Of Sodom And Gomorrah’

We Have Become ‘The United States Of Sodom And Gomorrah’ By Don Boys, Ph.D. for All News Pipeline

The Bible Does Not Support Unlimited Government, The Mass Slaughter Of Unborn Babies, High Taxes, Free College Tuition, Reparations, Nor Climbing Into Bed With Islamic Terrorists

Politicians have a constitutional right to be stupid but Pete Buttigieg is taking advantage of that right. Pete is wrong about religion, abortion, and homosexuality. I don’t want someone with three major failures in the White House.

In a recent conversation with USA Today, Buttigieg characterized conservative Christians as “saying so much about what Christ said so little about, and so little about what he said so much about.” Pete was using the absence of evidence argument, i.e., since Christ didn’t prohibit perversion, then criticism of LGBTQ crowd is wrong; however, that is fallacious since Christ didn’t speak about cannibalism but I assume, though not sure, that Pete would not defend it. Pete is parroting the same silly, shallow argument that Christ’s words are more important than other Scripture but that undercuts scriptural authority. If a statement is in the Bible, it is to be properly interrupted by the context.

If it is biblical, it doesn’t matter whether Christ said it or not. Moses and the Apostle Paul surely made it clear that perversion is an abnormality, an aberration and an abomination.

Pete is said to be a “devoted” Episcopalian. I’m not sure if that means he goes to church three times a week, tithes, and says grace at every meal. Professor Gary Dorrien of Union Theological Seminary said, “In our time, the Episcopal Church is a generally progressive denomination that ordains gay and lesbian bishops, makes room for liberation theology.” The denomination wandered far into left field many years ago as almost all groups do.

Their pews are empty as are their offering plates, sure signs of coming death.


The flagship church in the Episcopalian denomination is the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. One of their leaders invited a hundred Muslims to use the cathedral for Friday prayers and the church staff covered all crosses and anything that might offend the Islamists. Church officials have marched in “gay” pride parades. The church is still in good standing with the denomination and is even the most famous church in that group.

One pro Pete commentator opined, “The Episcopal Church of America accepts gay parishioners, priests, and bishops in churches that recite the Nicene Creed every Sunday and have as authentic a claim to ‘orthodoxy’ as any other church and more than many.”

No, that dog won’t hunt.

Everyone with a modicum of knowledge about history knows that all the mainline denominations give lip service to the Bible but departed from it generations ago. Moreover, Episcopalians of today are far from what they were in George Washington’s day. No denominational official is willing to admit, “As a group, we have departed from our original roots and are occupying church buildings built by people who were narrow-minded fanatics.”

Moreover, after choosing the lifestyle of homosexuals, Pete has taken on all the baggage that most homosexuals possess. Of course, a person may experience homosexual desires, but that does not mean he was created homosexual. Furthermore, because a person reacts to that desire does not make him a homosexual. It only means he is a stupid sinner, like all of us. Even the thought of unmarried sex is wrong whether abnormal or normal. Practicing homosexuals are people who were born heterosexual and are rebelling against the God-ordained plan for his or her life.

If a person has normal or abnormal sexual thoughts, it is wrong and dangerous and indicates a corrupt mind and heart. God says, “for out of it [heart] are the issues of life.” We often do what we think about.

People change all the time so counselors should not tell people they cannot change their sexual desires. Of course, they can.

In February 1992, a cover story for Newsweek featured the face of an infant and the question, “Is This Child Gay?In July 1993, The New York Times ran a story titled, “Report Suggests Homosexuality Is Linked to Genes.” No, the child was not “gay” and homosexuality is not linked to genes.

Even left-leaning, LGBT-affirming organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association do not make the claim that people are born “gay.” In their view, the causes of same-sex attraction are complex, including both nature and nurture.

Recent research at Johns Hopkins reveals that there is no scientific support for “born that way” origins of perversion. Even some honest homosexuals declare that they were not “born that way.

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