Silver Is DETERMINED To Move Higher!!

Silver Is DETERMINED To Move Higher!! by Rory for The Daily Coin

This was published at 7:15am EST.

WOW! Look at this chart from overnight. Major beating as soon as the Hong Kong market opened, silver shrugged it off and recovered most of the onslaught of the madness. As the night progressed silver showed even more strength.

Is this a set up for tomorrow’s Fed meeting?

The attempts to push silver below the Sunday opening – and keep it there – have, thus far, failed miserably. With two attempts overnight it seems the silver traders are ready for the fight.

There was a “mini beat-down” between the closing of Sydney and the opening of Hong Kong just as there as a substantial beat-down the previous night – is this the new strategy by the cabal? Catch the overnight market when no one is available? Although, it appears someone was waiting and not only did they capitalize on this move, they set in motion a really strong recovery from all the earlier sell offs.

Are going to see another waterfall moment just after the opening of the NYMEX, the Pit, somewhere between 8 and 9am EST? All the pieces are in place, however, silver looks really strong right here and it seems the silver traders are determined to move the chart higher. We will find out here very shortly how it all plays out.

Strong moves like the one that happened overnight are both encouraging and frightening. If you have been following these markets for the past ten years you know exactly what I am referencing. With the cat-out-of-the-bag regarding market manipulation / price suppression, as proven multiple times in a court of law, we know all too well the cabal is always lurking. We know they have the ability to kill all momentum, literally, in a flash. Is there current plan to allow as many traders back into the “pool” as possible for they unleash the hounds? None of their criminal activity is shocking nor is it surprising. We just need to be ready for the unexpected.

As long as silver can maintain the floor is seems to be establishing around the $16.20 – $16.25 mark it seems to be safe for higher moves. I still fully expect silver, just like gold, to have a really nice higher move for 2019. What’s happening right now keeps us on our toes and aware of what is happening – keeps our eyes bright and our minds sharp, for that we are grateful. Pay particular attention between 8-9am EST this morning then again around noon and the final watch zone is between 2-3pm EST. Some of the cabals favorite times to do damage.

In the meantime, don’t forget to consider adding to or starting a new stack. Not advice, just a thought. Got physical, close at hand?

Live chart below


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