“Progressive” Left Loses Collective Mind – Of Course, It’s Racist

“Progressive” Left Loses Collective Mind – Of Course, It’s Racist by Rory for The Daily Coin

I told my wife after this episode that Fox is going to have fire Tucker Carlson. I also said that it’s a miracle that he is still alive. The deep state has already sent two messages to his house – two different “protest” at his house is a clear message that he can be reached at his most vulnerable point.

The show opens with a realistic discussion around illegal immigration. Victor Davis Hanson weighs in as only he can. Another stunning display of speaking truth to power. Senator Dianne Feinstein crawled out of her liar today to spew some garbage across the screen. The good news is it was a short lived spew.

Pay attention to the segment that includes Nicholas Giordano regarding immigration. He paints a picture that is chilling and revealing when it comes to the reality of the future our children and grand children face. If the immigration situation is not wrestled to the ground, the border closed and the illegals deported – America will be lost before most of you reading this die. That’s a fact. White, Christians will disappear from this country forever.

Next up is the new “prison reform” legislation that is now releasing violent criminals from prison. This is shocking. Representative John Kennedy (R) Louisiana, explains why he voted against this legislation and explains how he attempted to stop this nightmare that the republicrats and demicans both voted to pass. Terrifying.

This is followed by, believe it or not, even more liberal lunacy. Bernie Sanders being exposed for his latest batch of socialist lies along with Kamala Harris and her nonsensical $32TRILLION health care scheme. Justin Haskins, the voice of reason, comes on to explain how our children and grandchildren will be financially enslaved without any healthcare what-so-ever if this woman gets another ounce of power.

As if that weren’t enough to make your head explode, another hate-hoax crime is exposed and one of my favorite terrorist is back in the news – Rashida Tlaib – the muslim terrorist from Michigan.

Heather McDonald, whom I hold in very high regard, makes an appearance close to the end of the show.

July 22, 2019


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