Largest Silver Bullion Owners, Fully Fiat Era | James Anderson (Video)

Largest Silver Bullion Owners, Fully Fiat Era | James Anderson Video by Silver Doctors

The silver spot price blasted up to close the week around $16.25 oz, about a full Fed Note higher than it closed last week. Keep an eye on the $18 and potential $20 price resistance levels that may be threatened sooner than much likely think is possible

The spot gold price ended the week up to ten fiat notes, closing at around $1,425 per derivative spot price ounce.

As for the gold-silver ratio, that fell hard this week from 93 down to 88 ounces of derivative silver to acquire 1 theoretical ounce of derivative gold.

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This week, we’re not bringing on any guest.

Instead, we’re going to put this modern silver whale into physical bullion context. We’re gonna name names, talk about how many 100s of millions of silver bullion ounces they acquired.

And even hear direct from a few of them as they repeat advice they never took, and or repeat scapegoating they never bothered to investigate nor conveniently address.

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