“Not A New Gold Bull Market” BUT It’s Going Higher!

“Not A New Gold Bull Market” BUT It’s Going Higher! by Rory for The Daily Coin

Years ago Jim Sinclair said we would not sell our gold into the market but we would in fact use gold to make purchases. I believed then, and I certainly believe him now. I’ve also heard it said there are three phases to a bull market. Gold, nor silver, never reached the “blow off top” phase of the bull market, so, that fuels our ideas as well.

With fundamentals firming up nicely, to say nothing of the fact that mining operations are suffering desperately, it seems like a no brainer at this point for gold to put on another $350 – $450 within a short period. Taking gold up to $1,740 – $1,885 range and possibly even higher. We are loading up now so when gold begins moving in earnest we will have a little to sale back into the market at a nice profit and gather more silver and repeat this same trade.

The Federal Reserve is all out of ways to manipulate the markets. The world has awakened to their nonsense and is now moving away from the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar. Trade around the world is going on in other currencies. China just posted a 6.2% GDP. While all the corporate media idiots are screaming about this number is terrible and way down year on year they failed to mention the fact the U.S. nor Europe has posted anything like a 6.2% GDP in some years maybe even decade or more. Trade is happening with other nations, just not using the U.S. dollar.

This is going to become clear over the coming year. What is also going to become known is the fact that most all the companies on the S&P and the companies that make up the DJIA are going to be exposed as nothing more than zombies living on the “brains” of corporate stock buy backs and nothing else. Once this fraud is exposed the American public will make a giant collective *gasp*. They won’t freak out, as they are too drugged out on fluoride, GMO’s and TV. They will become desperate and make foolish mistakes with their remaining wealth.

Gold is still money, Basel III was recently put into place for a reason. FASAB 56 passed in the U.S. to hide monetary crimes from the American citizens as well as the world. The world knows what FASAB 56 is all about and is acting accordingly. The American citizens do not know this and when the SHTF it will be way too late.

Acquiring more gold and silver or beginning to acquire gold and silver may be something to consider. I said years ago that I would be using my stack to acquire “things” and the time to do exactly that is rapidly approaching. Will it be 2021, 2022 or all the way out to 2023? Not sure. Just know that gold and silver are headed for new territory and having enough gold to make the required moves is the only thing of concern for me and my family. What about you and your family – got plans? Got physical close at hand?

Here’s someone else fueling the fire that we began stoking 18+ months ago.

The Fed’s dovish position is likely to send gold several hundred dollars an ounce higher in six months, this according to Todd Gordon, founder of TradingAnalysis.com.

“I don’t think this is the birth of a new gold market. I do see upside though, into the $1,500s, $1,600s, potentially $1,700 but unfortunately I think at that point the Fed is going to start to reverse course, forced to get a little more hawkish, and I think that might choke off gold’s rally.”

If you’re not paying attention to the people that have access to the “button pushers” – you know, the market manipulators – how you gonna be ready when things fall apart? These people have access to information that very few people are allowed to see. Mr. Gordon is echoing the exact timeline and the same type of move higher for gold as the master button pusher has laid out. I am not going to ignore valuable information when it comes to protecting my family and my wealth. Use their information, incorporate the best and discard the rest.

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