Representative Matt Gaetz’ Life Is Threatened

Representative Matt Gaetz’ Life Is Threatened by Rory for The Daily Coin

The one thing obama got right when he attempted to destroy our country was the fact that he stated he would change our country. He did accomplish this goal and our country is completely different than before he took office. Radical islamic terrorist are everywhere in our country, including the Senate.

Everything that we are currently reporting is a direct reflection of the obama administration.

Tucker opens the show with the ripping the UnGrateful Gang of 4 a new one. They deserve everything Mr. Carlson says and a whole lot more.
John Kennedy(R) Louisiana, doesn’t hold back when discussing this “freak show” created by these melting snowflakes with power.

Tammy Bruce, one of my favorite commentators, brings her voice of reason to this argument. Tammy Bruce discusses the poll that has come to light showing how much the democratic party doesn’t like these four people. One the other hand President Trump has done the right thing, in my opinion, as the President has now made the democratic party own these four out-of-control radical liberals.

The conversation between Tammy Bruce and Tucker morphs into the firing of Dr. Wen from Planned Parenthood. Very interesting conversation about Planned Parenthood and how and why this situation unfolded.

Tucker then continues discussing antifa and how CNN in particular has promoted these extremely violent gangs that operate around the country. Representative Matt Gaetz is now receiving death threats that are going unanswered by the FBI. These are credible death threats to him and his family. If this is happening to a sitting Congressman what chance do you and I have in being defended by law enforcement?

Towards the end of the show JD Vance, author, makes an appearance to discuss how the college system has been weaponized against middle America and everyday people. It has become almost impossible for the average citizen to get into one of these elite colleges that is akin to a lottery ticket of corporate wealth and prominence.

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This is the segment with Matt Gaetz. Once YT strips the above video this one will be left.

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